Fix your ass matchmaking

I'm sick of giving my VERY BEST only to get some little kiddie who might very well be special needs trolling top lane or playing Vel'loz support and then going up to top lane because he got condemned by Vayne and thinks the only possible explanation is that I didn't play well. I'm sick of people bitching that they didn't get 24/7 babysitting service from the jungler and trolling because "WHAAAAAA, I had to farm under turret for 5 minutes!" I'm sick of getting garbage players who just started playing League 2 weeks ago in my ranked games and who just picked up WW for the first time. I'm sick of having to take dumb risks and solo push just to get our team's only tower kill at 30 minutes. I'm sick of Garens feeding to Tryndamere. I'm sick of this absolute disaster of matchmaking I get in normals even, where one game it's me and three players below summoner level 30 against two golds and a platinum, and then the next game being a reverse situation. I want to play with people who are LIKE ME and give me a challenge on the enemy team, and don't throw a tantrum the moment they die on my team. I love this game but this year you have really just laid a big fat turd. Matches are so lopsided that every match is either 1v9 or 9v1. You can't climb in this game on merit. You can't climb in this game on skill or macro knowledge. You can't climb unless you play Tryndamere into the 70 IQ ape top lane, or Urgot into the team that decided they don't need to pick any tanks today. You can't play the champions you like to play. You can only play the champions that have the most r%%%%%-proof kits. brb gonna main Urgot for freelo even though I have absolutely no interest in that champ. Very fun.
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