I love losing game after game because of trolls

Will Riot do anything about that Jax who typed "hehe" while taking jungle camps from our jungler and losing lane because he didn't get a gank? Nope Will Riot do anything about the Kai'Sa in my game who intentionally fed because her support didn't pick what she wanted? Nope Will Riot do anything about the smurfs and elo boosters in ranked when it's so fucking obvious? Nope Will Riot do anything about the people who flame hard by spam pinging you and called you a r%%%%% in game? Nope But I'm sure when I finally snap and tell someone to kill themselves I'll be banned for it because telling people who ruin other peoples day for fun is apparently the worst sin in League of Legends. "It's just a game". Nah fam, I know people like this irl, they don't just do it in games, they do shit in real life for the sake of pissing people off and making their day more miserable because their own life is sad. Thanks Riot. Keep releasing those nice juicy skins and going for LCS while your game loses more and more players. Take the Overwatch route, lets see how it goes.

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