Riot, come on.

Every single PROJECT skin in this event is shit. The event didn't even bring back Project Overdrive. Another shitty Prestige skin. Pay-to-Play-Event. ( PTPEs are more along the lines of casino baits, like raffles. You have to pay to participate in the event. ) No actual login screen because Riot just gave up on them entirely. Music is trash... and this is the same group who remixed Jhin's theme 4 times. Project Pyke is an epic skin disguised as a legendary. The only actual animations ( If you extract the files yourself and test the animations you'll see it too ) that changed are all for his emotes, recall and harpoon. He has no unique recall winddown. And again, I must exaggerate; NO OVERDRIVE. Despite Rioters talking about all the work they threw into the mode and level, it was only up once. ONE run. Meanwhile SG: Invasion was up 3 times before they killed half their community by discontinuing rotating gamemodes. And NOW they're upright removing Twisted Treeline ( instead of fixing it despite everyone asking for a TT rework since season 6 rofl. ) and replacing it with RNG moneyhog mode. TFT passes and event passes are separate by the way, that's a good 50$ gone if you wanted both. I think Nexus Blitz would have been the best way for them to RNG in this game. Skin boosts were a moneymaker on it, everything is random and last but not least you're not filling the game to the brim with people who don't actually play LoL. As soon as RNG games stop being popular, that 25% of players is gone. Riot, you are REALLY digging deep in the shithole. Soon it'll be too wet to climb out of. I don't know if it's Tencent, or if everyone isn't getting paid enough or whatever. Knowing making events with cinematic, lore and skins like these only take like... 1,300$ maximum?
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