i really wish low elo players would take constructive criticism better.

Priority for a jungler is a huge deal. It helps the jungler secure objectives and having map control is very VERY essential to be proactive and to do better than the enemy. So i explain that my ori has priority over zoe, so i ask for her to follow me to scuttle so we can take it. Nope nothing. Starts babyraging at me. Tells me i dont know what im talking about and that i am just a nb3 fan (meanwhile one of the best eves in na btw xdddddddd but what do i know) Continued flaming and wondering why i didnt get drags. Jee its almost like. If their mid shows up they will kill me. That was the whole fucking point i was trying to tell her but no :) I really wish this whole elo ego can be put to rest permanently. Diamond cry babies rq after their first death. Low elo players cry because they cant handle constructive criticism. It's one thing if i was saying "omg fucking noob kys u dont know how to play game" instead i was trying to teach so they know in the future how to help your jungler, help you

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