Tanks are freaking useless in this game

4500 hp cho with 250 armor dies in 1.65 vs kayn and qiyana, maybe riot should stop making braindead assassins that facedive the enemy team 1 shot everything and get out? Talking about the {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:246}} .Seriously enough already, how much easier can you make them, they have easy kits that require no skill AT ALL, lethality items + electrocute is just broken, cheap and gives shit ton of bonuses, armor and tanks are fucking useless at this point. Feels like the only good tank in this game is {{champion:86}} because of his W. Im not complaining about AP assassins that actually need to manage mana, hit their skillshots and have almost to no escape ability. Enough is enough. Fix the damn AD assassins.
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