So sick of this coin flip

Win a 4v5 to get into gold 2 promos after dropping from gold 1 Get one free mandatory win 2nd game nid builds static shiv to troll and runs it down lanes 3rd game, first time syndra to troll and then says i dont care about winning nothing wrong with first time a champ in ranked and a ezeral who couldnt see a master yi coming 2 wards away 4 times. Im so fucking sick of people who just dont want to win the game and getting matched with people who just cant understand the basics of an OBJECTIVE TEAM based game. I do not fuckin care how big your dick is or how much puss you get or how fed you are listen the fuck up. 1. The team DOES matter. I super computer calculating for a thousand years could not even approach the number of fucks i do not give about how fed or good/smurf you are, you can not possible tell me that its easier to 1v5 rather then 5v5 when your super fed. 2. Group around objectives and take them. The objective of the game is KILL THE NEXUS. The game is not score, kills, bm or cs. This is a numbers game, the bigger the number the better you do and that includes team fighting. You are going to have a much better time winning a team fight with even or more numbers. FFS stop trying to 1v5 1v3 2v4 2v5 3v5 ect, stop fighting so disadvantageously its stupid, unless if your super fed, its just giving enemy free objectives and gold. If the team isnt coming then let them have it and make the deficit as little as possible. 3. If you are in a bad match up then stop trying the fight them every 2 minutes and giving them more gold, cs and fight under tower. Yes its sucks being 40 cs down but you know what sucks more? Being 40 cs and NOW ALSO 4 kills down because little jimmy got mad that big mean darius kept dunking him with a mind set of if i throw myself at him over and over again i will win at least one of these times. BE CARRY-ABLE. What this means is dont feed, play safe and make yourself as useful as possible when behind. Landing your spells, ward bushes for possible ganks as well as setting up for ganks, positioning well, taking objectives pingging an mia and co operating with your team. 4. Cooperate with the team. Pay attention to their mia or danger pings. If a mid laner is roaming bot and they ping you 3-4 times about it an you still die to said roam thats your own dam fault. Your mid may not be in the best position to match said roam as they will most likely die if they do try to roam with the enemy. For example; if they are behind, the enemy jg is waiting for the expected roam or a bad match up. If you have to miss a wave of cs but the mid who didnt roam gets 2-3 turret plates+1-3 cs waves or the turret and wasting the enemy mid laner time cs and exp thats an absolute win. If the team wants you to group to win 5v5 fights or to contest baron/drag the fucking group dont just split all game. The enemy will see that you are splitting and go in on the 4v5 and win it and they will take objectives with all of the team dead but you. Grouping with baron and elder is the best way to end games, so tell me then why is it so fucking hard to do it? Im legit curious to know what goes through a persons head when they dont want to group with baron or elder buff. ITS NOT HARD TO DO get it through your fucking heads that this is an objective game not a solo me me me me me game.
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