Stop telling me what to play, how to play.

We are not friends. I do not like you. We are stuck in this game together for the next 1-120 minutes because of our similar MMR and match making. If I want to play Warwick toplane, I'm going to play Warwick toplane. If I want to play Ekko support, I am going to play Ekko support. If I want to play Karma jungle, then I am going to play jungle Karma. You have absolutely NO say in who I play, what I build, or where I choose to place my champion at during the entire course of this game. I do not give two shits how badly you think I am playing. You may be performing better than me in this particular game but we are still on the same skill level as a whole. I do not give a single shit about how poorly you are performing either with your "meta sheep" pick. Doesn't matter at all if you think I cannot carry with my off meta pick, you're not going to force me to surrender a game when I am 6/0/2 just because youre 0/8/3. You made the choice to que up for the game from beginning to end and you can bet your ass I'm going to hold you in this game for as LONG as I possibly can if you start spamming that surrender vote. It's time you put your shitty little ego aside in this FREE TO PLAY, T FOR TEEN RATED VIDEO GAME and play the goddamn game. No matter what champion you're playing, no matter how well you are playing, YOU ARE NOT THE SOLE WIN CONDITION FOR THIS GAME. There is never ONLY "ONE WAY TO WIN" and if there were it CERTAINLY isn't some ping spamming virgin. Play together with the 4 other chimps that make up our League of Legends team, try your best to win it, and ACCEPT any defeat ONLY after you get the defeat screen. And don't play Ezreal on my fucking team because you're guaranteed to be dead weight.{{champion:32}}

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