Rank Rollback, and Multi-role Players.

Hey first post here. I am very confused about the removal of the new positional ranked que. The chance to see my ranked in different roles was a nice feeling as i compared myself to myself and could switch tactics for climbing based on my experience in one position vs. another. I can say I am very much enjoying the changed ranked version I am playing, even splashing let me feel that playing on lower ranked role and not playing as well was learning opportunity that could also advance my may rank with victories. I like the changes and placed in all 5 roles. Now I am losing it all and my highest Rank (S3 as of this post) will be my solo rank, and all the other games i played in the other roles, as well as their opportunity splash into my main role goes with it. I get changes are being made and I am powerless to stop it but... Why does the Dev blog about the changes tell me I'm getting nothing in compensation. That all my positional games are gone and its just one rank. If I was not going to grow left or right, i would have tried to grow tall with all my games this season being played on my main role, but i feel punished for not playing my main role, not because of the changes but with the other positions just disappearing in aether. Was I wrong for not "one-tricking" a position? I thought that's the point of trying something new in the first place. The new ranked changes that is, but the experiment failed and I lost my time participating in it. Thanks for reading this. I am happy for any discussion about DEV: State of Ranked. {{champion:98}}

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