2 most unhealthy things in the game atm IMO

First off i would just like to say that i think A LOT of the game is very unhealthy and terribly balanced but this is going to be what i think the two most unhealthy things in the game are at the current moment for me at least. 1. Jungle. How the jungle functions right now its pretty much irrelevant to hard farm and pretty much every jungler is not only able but kind of encouraged to level 2/3 gank. This opens up opportunities for jungle to pretty much just gank,gank,gank,gank,gank until a laner wants to afk and play a different game because guess what? Its not fun. It isn't fun to have to sit under your tower and wait for the jungler to leave and then not be able to even attempt to fight the opponent because the enemy jungler can sit in your lane with little punishment. Back in like season 4/5/6 Junglers had to clear their camps up until around maybe level 4 for some champs and around 6 for other more ULT reliant champions. Then the jungler would go for a gank and if it didn't work they would often be punished and alot of the time even have to back just for making a poor gank. On the other hand when the jungler made an intelligent and well played gank they would often get lane priority for their laner/gold and possibly turret damage. Now you can pretty much get all of that without making an intelligent gank because the other laner in 9/10 cases has to sit afk and wait for their jungler to come help and if they don't then they just either die or lose a ton of cs. Also jungle is very RNG. I've lost games because we picked a late game team comp and got a bit behind early and then the enemy team gets 3 infernal and just rolls us whereas if they had gotten 1 ocean 1 mountain and a air drake we would have most likely been fine. Not to mention that the whole random scuttle shit is really confusing to me how one jungler can just instantly get river vision/movement speed/health/a ton of gold for just being on the correct side of the map when the scuttle spawns. I do think there are problems that make jungle not fun and i understand when junglers say their role is bad. I think the game is just bad and unhealthy rather than jungle being a terrible role but there is noticeable problems with the role. 2. Supports. Pretty Much everytime the enemy picks brand or pyke or zyra or something else thats damage heavy as a support i just spend the rest of the game getting clicked on by brand ulti or zyra flash ults me and one shots me. Support was never supposed to be a role that one shots EVER. Support gets significantly less resources and they are still able to one shot? In probably 50% of my games i find myself looking at Tab and thinking to myself "The only person im worried about is their support." Even tank supports are aids to play vs sometimes although i would say not quite as bad as just getting clicked on by brand and your entire team having to back but still when you are in a 2v1 and you outplay the enemy adc and then alistar solo kills you because his combo does 400 damage thats pretty unhealthy i would say. Heres what i understood the game was supposed to be Toplaners role : Fighters or tanks If fighter their role is to farm up get some bruiser type items and be a frontline/damage hybrid who does some decent damage but is tankyish. If tank their role is to make Good TP plays have cc and have health stats with very little damage. Jungle : If fighter Try to shut down enemy jungler while helping lane as much as possible, carry through the early game and fall off a little bit towards mid and lat while carries pick up the slack. Tank : tank junglers are rare and easy to shut down because they have bad clears but if they make it through the jungle without being punished they can be very menacing with big team-fighting ults. Midlane: Control mages/wave clear mages that are somewhat safe in lane but abusable with mid to late game damage threat. Assassin that can kill a priority target somewhat quickly if they play it well and land their abilities and then they are relatively low damage for the remainder of the fight. Adc : Carry play safeish through the early game attempting to get as much farm as possible and then do damage in team-fights along with possible utility ults such as sivir ult and ashe ult etc. Hyper carry : Champion that has a somewhat rough early game and starts doing decent in the midgame but then with the support of their team can 1v9 popoff late game through hard farming and good positioning. Support : supportive Engage tank should have VERY little damage and some CC as well as some SMALL utility such as a small heal or shield. supportive supports should be somewhat squishy and deal very little damage but have big protection for the adcs such as movement speed buffs,autobuffs,shields,heals etc. Obviously i don't speak for everyone and you are free to disagree but this is just what it thought the game was supposed to be and when i started playing for the most part this is what it was.
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