If I have to play against another mage top I will litterally kms in game obviously(hehe xd)

Mages are not supposed to be top riot, if wanted to play a mage or against one I'd be playing mid, when bruisers were playing bot adc mains raged and cried like babys and they were quickly hotfixed, why the fuck do i have to play against vlad kennen vlad gp vlad heimer vlad full ap malphite full ap cho cassiopeia swain vlad ekko galio jayce annie viktor kayle karma vlad(plz nerf vlad) rumble lulu malzahar full ap nautilus neeko ryze shaco sylas teemo vlad since the beggining of this season and before that, and nothing's changed? People complain, all you see in pro play is mage vs mage top wtf riot, plz do something about this, and now in preseason you are nerfing conqueror on melee and buffing it on ranged like, what do you think its going to happen? I think riot just doesnt fucking care about toplane, we have less impact in the map for the first 15 min and we cant even outscale people if we play bruisers and tanks, so wtf are we supposed to do, you carry easier a game as supp than top this days and its just sad
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