FUCK League

League has the audacity to fucken chat restrict me cuz i am 12 and have ADHD but dont have the fucken time to fucken CHECK on my fucken troll teammates that troll me and my whole fucken team OMFG dumb ass league hope it goes under and loses all its money Game 1 In-Game AllAboveOne: OK AllAboveOne: bitch AllAboveOne: CASH ME OUT SIDE DEN AllAboveOne: how bout dat AllAboveOne: CHA CHING AllAboveOne: shoudvle never ulted AllAboveOne: neeko AllAboveOne: u wouldve lived AllAboveOne: lol AllAboveOne: haha AllAboveOne: reall AllAboveOne: reallly singe AllAboveOne: really AllAboveOne: stfu u dumb btich AllAboveOne: dumb ass whore fucken shoudlve camp AllAboveOne: came and kill ziel AllAboveOne: y go after fucken blue when i ping u AllAboveOne: dumb fuck AllAboveOne: troll ass jg too AllAboveOne: as bad as neeko AllAboveOne: no shit cuz i was hoping for a 2 v 1 AllAboveOne: on ziel AllAboveOne: but ur fucken blind as fuck AllAboveOne: damb ass whore AllAboveOne: %%%%%h AllAboveOne: u 0 AllAboveOne: kill AllAboveOne: and i still have more cs AllAboveOne: then u AllAboveOne: even ur jg AllAboveOne: fucken dumb ass %%%% AllAboveOne: no shit AllAboveOne: cuz i got camp AllAboveOne: dumb ass bitch AllAboveOne: dead AllAboveOne: agaoinm AllAboveOne: niggha AllAboveOne: u do 0 help AllAboveOne: lmao AllAboveOne: still talking AllAboveOne: oh sorry white boy AllAboveOne: trash ass white boy AllAboveOne: u sister fucker %%%% AllAboveOne: hey AllAboveOne: ur dead AllAboveOne: again AllAboveOne: lmao AllAboveOne: ahaha AllAboveOne: ahaha AllAboveOne: i bet u spent more time tpying then playing AllAboveOne: cuz u always die AllAboveOne: lmao AllAboveOne: aha AllAboveOne: jokes on u AllAboveOne: white fucker AllAboveOne: i tired AllAboveOne: report singe AllAboveOne: trolling and toxic grefing AllAboveOne: ^ Post-Game AllAboveOne: time to repor

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