I got banned because a player told me this...

Keep in mind, this isn't even ranked. It's a PRE 30 NORMAL. Like seriously? Played as jungle Garen. He was Tryndamere. I decided to help top with our mid laner Akali (his duo friend) to try and kill their jng+top laner, which proceeded in me wasting my time and getting baited into dying. I didn't even get the chance to clear my red buff. Nobody was able to get the scuttle. Now I died, hadn't been able to clear my top side, and got nothing. Lost both crabs. So I decide to catch up on farm and stay away from top. Nope, Tryndamere is angry now. He tells me atfer he dies against Yi without ulting to "KYS". I am ultra tilted now, that's an insane trigger word for me, I have problems with those words. I don't want to play, I don't want to afk. I just want to wait to be able to report him and move on to the next game. Nope. He convinces my entire team to report me, and I get the 14 day suspension. For being told to "KYS". No idea if he received his penalty for that, but i'm incredibly disturbed by how riot handled that... Why do I get punished for farming? I didn't afk. I didn't int. I just played the game and waited for it to end. tldr: Riot punished ME for another player telling me to "kys" and he probably did not receive any punishments. Uninstalled league. I do not intend to come back if this is how you handle your toxic community.
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