Why is league of legends so harsh on banning people...

Game 1 In-Game SHOORIF: why fight SHOORIF: level 4 v 6 SHOORIF: dumbass SHOORIF: ty for giving him extra kill SHOORIF: good job bro! SHOORIF: keep up the good work SHOORIF: boosted SHOORIF: bosoted SHOORIF: try take cs SHOORIF: LMFOAFOAFAFO SHOORIF: LFMAAOOA SHOORIF: THIS BOOSTYED LEE SHOORIF: FS SHOORIF: he got u killed swain SHOORIF: u see what he did SHOORIF: u donate kills LMAO SHOORIF: 0/5 swain SHOORIF: pls dont talk SHOORIF: idc SHOORIF: ur 0/5 SHOORIF: and ure talking SHOORIF: this lee 100k points SHOORIF: and feeds olaf SHOORIF: 1/3 because of lee sin SHOORIF: how u die to olaf? SHOORIF: uve died to olaf more times than me SHOORIF: LMAO SHOORIF: LFMAFOAOF SHOORIF: BOOSTED SHOORIF: im actually crying irl SHOORIF: yes im gold LOL SHOORIF: and u still lose SHOORIF: cuz u boosted SHOORIF: level 10 heca SHOORIF: LMAO SHOORIF: watch every1 SHOORIF: LMAO SHOORIF: watch lee SHOORIF: crying SHOORIF: irl SHOORIF: 0 map awareness SHOORIF: LMAO SHOORIF: im higher elo than ull ever be SHOORIF: no ur not SHOORIF: hardstuck d4 boosted SHOORIF: LMAO SHOORIF: u think this my main acc SHOORIF: look win rate SHOORIF: AHAHAHAHAA SHOORIF: HAHAHA SHOORIF: IM NOT EVEN IRELIA MAIN SHOORIF: ure lee sin OTP SHOORIF: and lose to gold players jseus SHOORIF: u died 4x to him SHOORIF: we can win SHOORIF: dont ff SHOORIF: keep up the work guys SHOORIF: we win easy bro SHOORIF: cmon lee SHOORIF: u can wave clear faster SHOORIF: than that SHOORIF: use E? SHOORIF: ffs SHOORIF: swain ure literally SHOORIF: unranked SHOORIF: dont make it 3rd time SHOORIF: pls SHOORIF: go in morg SHOORIF: i 1v9 Post-Game SHOORIF: s8 gold s9 d4 SHOORIF: XD SHOORIF: u not even SHOORIF: close SHOORIF: to my main SHOORIF: none of u SHOORIF: ahrdstuck SHOORIF: enjoy mute btw I got muted before, so I try to keep my chatting not offensive, can someone explain what made me get muted AGAIN? is it because I told someone they were boosted? or the one time I told lee sin he was a dumb ass after calling me a spastic? context: lee sin comes to my lane I spam ping to not engage but he does anyway and gives a free kill to olaf, he proceed to ss ping me, I ignore him until he calls me a spastic, so I respond with " why fight level 4 v 6 dumbass" , he and his duo begin to explicitly flame me; I don't respond yet. He then comes and ganks me but makes me go in and watches me while I fight and die from now I just consistently type boosted in response (which is literally NOTHING compared to what they were saying) I have yet to get a message saying that they're banned/muted. TL;DR 2 duos troll me, I get heated but since I got muted before for saying spastic, I hold back to only using boosted/hardstuck and spamming LMAO. I try to be positive to the other 2 people on my team.
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