I've won TWO out of my last THIRTEEN games. Now tell me there isn't an "elo hell."

*Correction, now two out of SIXTEEN games!* Two nights ago, I got to my gold promos TWICE. **I lost them both.** The second time, I kept on losing **AFTER** I failed the promo series, **ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FUCKING 0 LP. ** Then I won TWO back up to 36 LP. Then I lost **THREE MORE and DEMOTED. ** After demotion, I lost ANOTHER FOUR FUCKING games and am now sitting at 7 LP in Silver II. Game 1: Vlad went 9-11-8, Shyv was 9-7-11, Yasuo was 12-7-6, Ezreal was 5-6-10, and I as Lulu as 0-6-16. Note that I don't usually have such a bad game but people do every once in awhile. We couldn't get anything going because Shyv went full glass cannon and we had no tank. Game 2: Was an early 15 minute surrender because Darius top lane AFK'd. Game 3: Malphite 7/4/11, Skarner 2/6/3, Lux (me) 7/4/13, Ezreal 12/5/10, Sona 1/9/19. Basically a 4v5 because Skarner afk split in one lane almost the whole mid game and we couldn't do anything to stop the enemy team. Game 4: Tahm 9/6/6, Maokai 10/4/18, Morgana (me) 6/5/11, Kai'Sai 7/13/14, Janna 9/10/15. Kai fed her ass off to Varus (17/11/9) and we had no way of stopping them, on top of Tahm making some bad calls if I remember right. Game 5: Akali 8/6/5, Lee Sin 5/9/5, Lux 3/6/5, Caitlyn 1/4/1, Karma (me) 1/4/8. Lux fed her ass off early to Zed and made him snowball (16/4/5), while still building damage when we told her constantly to get a Zhonya's, and never finished it before the game ended, making Caitlyn in the last few minutes, **threaten to afk in base until she got Zhonyas, and actually did AFK in base until the game ended.** Game 6: Gangplank 1/5/0, Warwick 1/6/2, Malzahar 5/6/1, Sivir 2/6/1, Lulu (me) 0/0/3. GP fed his ass off to Irelia early (10/2/1) with WW and Sivir adding in later. Game 7 and 8: Wins with Nami. Game 9: Camille 9/12/6, Evelyn 12/11/6, Fizz 4/7/11, Caitlyn 3/6/9, Sona (me) 2/2/16. Team couldn't do shit with no tanks against a fed team of Urgot, Wukong, AP Nautilus, Jhin, and a Soraka helping them on top. Naut got fed early and we literally couldn't do shit. Game 10: Kayle 3/6/1, J4 1/3/4, Orianna 2/3/4, MF 2/7/2, Zyra (me) 1/2/3. MF started feeding while being a racist toxic person and spewing out things we don't say in public. Constantly got caught out when I was in base getting items or putting pressure somewhere else mid game. Singed (yes, Singed!) got fed along with Yi and that's game. Game 11: Darius 9/5/1, Kindred 0/11/5, Cho'Gath 3/7/5, Caitlyn 5/3/5, Morgana (me) 1/1/10. As you can see the common factor here was feeding Kindred, with no jungle pressure and Cho'Gath went full AP while we constantly told him to get some defensive items, so in that case Diana got fed off of him and we had no peel besides Darius, who got bombarded being the only one to absorb damage. Game 12: Urgot 10/7/2, Rammus 6/7/7, Ahri 4/10/6, Caitlyn 3/8/5, Nami (me) 2/5/8. Rammus flying in solo trying to 1v5 while we aren't ready for a fight yet, Ahri dying left and right and me and Cait got a bad start to the lane as well with Jinx and Lux snowballing out of control. Couldn't bring the game back from the brink. Game 13: Yorick 3/10/2, Trundle 5/7/11, Vel'Koz 11/4/7, Xayah (me) 5/5/6, Zyra 6/8/12. Yorick afk split bush in one lane constantly dying leaving us to 4v5 while Renekton and Ezreal snowballed. Game 14: Nasus 3/4/3, Voli 8/7/5, Cho'Gath (me) 6/6/5, Vayne 5/7/6, Blitz 2/9/10. Game was all over the place and teamfights sucked since everyone either went in and others didn't follow up or whatever kind of shit but it was a stupid loss. Next was a enemy remake. Game 15: Udyr 3/4/2, Gragas 1/10/6, Galio (me) 4/4/1, Caitlyn 2/5/3, Karma 1/5/2. Feeding Gragas jungle along with Caitlyn and no good top lane engage, another stupid loss. **Now fucking tell me there isn't elo hell because I have gone through SHIT the past few months**. I finally got to my gold promos and this is what Riot gives me. Fucking bullshit!
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