Nerf or Rework Heimerdinger's Kit

Everything told about him is false. He is not weak, especially against melee top lane champions, he has absolutely no consequences for losing turrets, they cost him 30 mana to make and have charges of his turrets, enabling him to spam them before you can break them. He has 20% movement speed around them, and his rocket range is incredibly high. "B-b-but he has a hard time past l-lane phase....", what hard time? The whole game is just pushing lanes to the nexus until you win, he just goes to mid and does the same shit he did on top. He is absolutely frustrating to attack as any melee champion like Nocturne, especially as soon as he gets Zhonya's. Riot, this hamster has been like this for YEARS. When are you going to re-balance his kit?
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