So wheres the tilt type for Riots shitty Premade matchup

Cause I know I am, That Riot is so horridly inept at their job that they can't put equal size teams against each other. I can't play a single fucking game without Riot deciding "Hur ba dur hur les but a gold 4 against a 4 man premade, oh and lets have it be 2 golds a plat and a diamond while giving him all silvers and gold" Whoever looks after the matchmaking coding for normals must be the best job ever, just sit around and do fuck all cause its clear they arn't trying to improve the matchmaking system to any degree Love how I can't escape it in ranked either "Yeah a gold 4 can go up against a team of plat 3/2s with one of them being a premade even though this player has only ever gotten close to plat ONCE and has now always been Gold 4" And then to make this tilt video its like "Yeah we know we're a pile of shit with our matchmaking but lets give you a video basically admitting we did this and give shitty advice and a 'vent bot' which just spouts random shit and pat ourselves on the back for this shit" literally the only good thing in that video was the art
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