Fck riot

Lets talk about this company for a minute. They stole their game style from Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Custom games for one and than they steal character creations from other peoples work with a name change & slight make over to call it their own. They use to run a really competitive game play style until twitch Tv came out and it got popular. The average person couldn't handle all the micromanagement so they slowly kept taking away one thing after another. Jungle routes got super predictable and forced, Baron & dragon timers had to be put on screen rather than remembered, Exp boosting if players are afk or just suck at the game, Boosting kids to gold 1 with free win's in promotion's(That's why people rage at other players)(Skill displacement because they cried so hard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease)(gotta keep them buying your overpriced skins and color palettes(27 million players x $10 skins ';..;') and Lane control has become almost useless. They wanted the team game style yet punish you for communicating to idiots in the game that still can't grasp the concept of the game. They have boosted a community play style that if you can't handle someone blaming you for making obvious mistakes or playing ranked without giving it their all that they just report report report report and riot answers the call to ban your communication. Which I do believe in team work atmospheres, communication is probable the most useful tool you have at your disposal especially in a game they took away so much solo carry potential. They get so offended if you use words "they" deem to be offensive or they automatically put emotion into your words without even a discussion with you about it at all. They again will just copy the entire chat log from a game and send it to you and be like oh 25 game chat ban, read this over and try to decipher what we think is no no language rather than being serious about their punishment and explicitly pointing out your mistake. Hence mistake because it takes a really rare person to be that intentionally hateful(People trash talk in sports but say gg at the end its part of the game You trolls)(if you can't handle the heat stay out the kitchen ya?). Although they have generated over 15 billion in revenue they got no money to spend on creating a real system of bad language communication. They just hand it off to a bunch of Sensitive Susan's that can't handle life and they just toss out a random number of banned games. They support negative player actions over expressive language and i say that because how many people get banned for throwing a game. Their are plenty of ways to fake playing to troll players and yet no real punishment for it, Yet if you say "wtf you doing r%%%%%" (Which is the exact reality of the situation) They panic like you just kicked a puppy and make it out like your the worse kinda person in the world yet you probably make some great contributions to life. I've been gaming for 25 years and in my entire life I've never had a ban or kicked out of any community in my life until I played league of legends. Bans in this game come more often than days in the week that end with "Y". The reward rebound is purely luck based on another persons clicking on your champion which can be completely bypassed if you feel like it. Which brings me to my next point. They created a competitive environment meaning that all players have the same access to what other players have to be a fair game match-up. Although you need honor to get real rewards to get you the champions to play fairly. Which if you have to gather blue essence you will be playing non stop for like 2 years straight to get all 100+ champions but hey why not fck us some more and charge us money to play on a fair battleground , OH yeah that is exactly what you shitters do. Now lets go to the realllyyyyyyyyyy fcked up part of this greedy ass company. They actually Perma ban accounts with absolutely no way of getting your account back after you spend money with the company and they wont even refund your money back to you when they don't want you around(Except of your Tyler1(which is probably the most toxic streamer/player i've ever seen/ Well maybe kaceytron tops him but hey) because hey man Why not life up to the real life stereotype that being Famous gets you certain privileges). That shit is absolutely theft to the core. Even more so when they got all political and went on their anti-bully campaign and perma banned a lot of main accounts people had started from the start and spent tons of money on. I'm sure I could express more of Riot's shit behaviors but I'd rather go back to real games Like Old school call of duty where I could express myself with my freedom of speech and rather than be a part of a Communist community. Walking on egg shells for low quality individuals is a weak life style . RIP League of Legends {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}

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