Lists of Legends: More of the Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed (Part Two)

From Orianna to Nami, we released a number of official teaser pieces that tended to be a little more static than recent examples. And with Gnar’s sleek new motion graphic breaking the ice of a still image, we thought it was fitting to share a collection of a ton of teaser art in one place.

We’re counting backwards, because that’s what made sense when we started this list. As a reminder, these pieces were untitled on release, and we’ve added them here for context, hilarity, or clarity.

If you missed Part One, check it out here.

16-17. Draven and Darius, “Blood Brothers”

Back to back they faced each other; the blood brothers were teased in a diptych image that we’ve since used in a ton of places including our website and signs in the office.

15. Varus, “Whistling that isn’t Wind”

A collaboration with Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade gave rise to this comic teaser for the Arrow of Retribution.

14. Hecarim, “War Horse”

The copy that accompanied this image attempted no fewer than five horse puns. We’re attempting to get away with none.

13. Fiora, “Tuesday Afternoon”

Note to self: Never innocuously wave to Fiora in the street.

12. Ziggs, “Hexplosive Sketches”

Ziggs’ furry mitts have been all over LoL this last year, since he stepped in to diagram our craziest Featured Game modes. But the image was familiar to some, and now everyone knows why. His first parchment picture to players was a promise of pyromaniacal inferno bombs.

11. Viktor, “Stronger, Faster, More Lasers”

Going inside Viktor’s mind wouldn’t be our first pick for sane weekend activity, but the monologue we hear is the first place the phrase “glorious evolution” appears in relation to Viktor.

10. Volibear, “The Thunder’s Roar”

There is entirely too much awesome in this one image.

9. Fizz, “And Chips”

The saltiest sailors in Bilgewater can probably also tell you a thing or two about proper sodium intake.

End of Part Two. Part Three is up next, with a rundown of champion teasers from Graves to Orianna. Share your favorite teaser arts in the discussion below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the boards while you’re here.

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