An experiment to reduce queue times in Team Builder, starting today! (3/28/2014)

**::edit::** This experiment has been concluded. For the time being we'll be going back to allowing anyone to become Captains. We're continuing to work on other features to improve queue times. --- Hey everyone, TLDR: Trying a new experiment to reduce Team Builder queue times. ***Starting today, players will have to invite at least 1 friend to their group to become a Captain.*** --- We hope everyone has been enjoying Team Builder so far; we’ve been closely monitoring the system and are currently seeing that there are too many Captains, and not enough Solo players available. Although about 95% of players are having queue times of 5-10 minutes or less (even doing unorthodox or creative comps!), this means that 5% of players are having unacceptable queue times. Players who are high MMR or low MMR tend to see these problems more frequently, and players who play during off-peak hours see this problem as well. In light of this data, we’re going to try an experiment in Team Builder. Starting today, ***players have to invite at least 1 friend to their group to become a Captain***. This should greatly improve the Captain-to-Solo ratio, and reduce queue times overall in Team Builder. While this experiment is running, we’ll be working on a feature to show Solo players what teams are currently looking for to fill their teams. As a reminder, we'll be doing our due diligence here. We'll be assessing match quality, queue times, and overall player experience. If there are any red flags whatsoever, we can revert the change and stop the experiment. See you in Team Builder,
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