Riot with us at live events!

The North American League community spans both coasts and everywhere in between, which means we don’t get many chances to connect with you guys in real life. Queuing up together is fun, but we want to meet up, geek out over League, and see the talent behind each cosplay!

Events are also a unique way for us to give you a closer look at how League is developed, feature live art demos, host game design panels, and honor our favorite cosplay, video, and artistic creations.

Because the League community’s super important to us, we love getting content creators involved in our events. At our PAX East booth earlier this year, Instalok and blakinola debuted their newest music videos, and The Yordles performed live on stage. We even convinced Sky to shoutcast Riot versus community games and perform standup!

To make it easier for you guys to attend one of our live events, we’re planning even more of them. We’ve already hit up Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta, but we’re not done! Here’s where we’re headed for the rest of the year:

Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)July 3-6
GaymerX (San Francisco, CA)July 11-13
Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, Canada)August 28-31
PAX Prime (Seattle, WA)August 28-September 1
Dragoncon (Atlanta, GA)August 29-September 1
Comikaze Expo (Los Angeles, CA)November 1
BENT-CON (Los Angeles, CA)November 7-9

Don’t think you can join us for an event? Follow our live coverage on Tumblr and Twitter. Also, if there’s a convention you think we should attend next year, drop us a comment below!

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