The beginnings of League's first varsity team

For the first time ever, a North American university is officially adding League of Legends to its athletic program and building a varsity team to compete in next year’s [North American Collegiate Championship]( This September, [Robert Morris University]( (RMU) is rolling out an official League team, made up of one varsity team and two practice teams, for the 2014-2015 academic year. As members of an official school team, League athletes will receive the same benefits as other RMU athletes, such as coaching, staff support, tutoring, and scholarships. So, why is RMU making a varsity League team? Well, Kurt Melcher, the university’s Associate Athletic Director, is a gamer at heart who’s played his fair share of competitive PC games. After he learned about League’s collegiate scene and the teamwork involved in competitive play, he realized League shared many of the same attributes as a traditional college sport. RMU has already started recruiting for its star lineup, so check out their [official announcement]( for more info.
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