Team Builder is live!

Hey everyone, Going over the data from the recent Live Beta, the vast majority of players had a lot of fun and provided invaluable feedback. In light of this, we’re going to turn Team Builder back on (and keep it on!) and just continue working on additions to the system through patches. In this version of Team Builder, we’ve added the following: - You can now change summoner spells in a Team Builder Lobby - Some buttons now have new sound effects! - There’s now a “Match Found” ceremony so that players know they are entering a match We’ve also heard your feedback regarding matchmaking in Team Builder, and have done the following: - Team Builder will use a separate, Team Builder-specific MMR (but, we’ll use Normal MMR values to start off the queue) - A fix has been made to matchmaking to weight Summoner Levels more heavily - Captains that select “Any Role” will now find potential teammates more quickly - A bundle of optimizations to improve match quality overall Based on your feedback, we’re working on some features for Team Builder that I’ll be happy to discuss in the future; but for now, see you in Team Builder and have fun!
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