NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19

**UPDATE 7:01pm** **Maintenance complete and NA is online!** League is back **with Patch 4.20 live to boot**. We're cranking up the login queue slowly to avoid the server getting smashed under the rush so you'll see extended wait times, but as it cranks up we'll be back up to normal in no time! As an additional note, transfers to and from NA will be re-enabled on Nov 20. Thanks for hanging with us and we'll see you on the Rift! - **UPDATE 6:36pm** *-- Hi all, many of you are likely able to patch, but as you've seen the NA environment is not online just yet, but we're close. My apologies for the back-and-forth on timelines and expectations. We definitely mismanaged the timeline despite an attempt to build in plenty of "disaster check timing". We should be up soon, and I'll be here in the thread answering what questions I can until we are online and live.* **UPDATE 3:55pm** *-- Hey gang! Apologies, with NA downtime I was unable to log back in on my NA account, so now I'm also rednamed in EUW! I should start a franchise. Update from the war room is that most of the NA server is ready to go, but some services such as Teambuilder are being finicky in QA rounds. Current ETA is within a half hour - around 4:30pm PST or so. * ** UPDATE 11:32am** *-- Hey all, I've got word from the maintenance war room. Data transfers aren't moving as quickly as we originally estimated, so we're shifting the "estimated restoration of services" (tech lingo for "server online") timeline to 3:00pm PST today. Both the [service status page]( and I will keep you updated as we go!* - Hey gang, just a reminder: we’re bringing NA offline for scheduled downtime tomorrow (November 19) starting at 12:01am PST. For about 12 hours, you won’t be able to log into the client or play League on the NA server. We’ll update the [service status page]( once League is back online. During downtime, there are a few other features you won’t be able access: referring a friend, signing up for a new account, changing your password, updating your email address, or modifying your account. Personally, I’m going to power through Dragon Age: Inquisition during the downtime. What about you guys?
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