In-client email verification

Hey League fam, Your LoL account is valuable. Whether it’s time dedicated to playing games or money spent on skins and cosmetics, your investments should be protected. Our Player Support team works throughout the year to help return compromised accounts as quickly and painlessly as possible. This sometimes takes a while, which can be frustrating. We do our best to protect your account and prevent this from happening, but we could use your help. Here’s where you come in! Verifying your email address adds a vital layer of security to your account and enables us to provide a faster route to recovering your account. A verified email address allows us to quickly send account recovery information if you have trouble logging in and identifies you as the legitimate owner of your account. **What does this look like for me?** Starting with patch 8.3, you’ll be able to verify your email in-client (rather than visiting If you have an unverified email address, we’ll send you reminders in the League client with steps for verification. If you need to change the email associated with your account, you can do that too. These reminders will be sent periodically to unverified accounts throughout the start of the season. If you don’t get the notification, your email is already verified. If you don’t get the notification but still want to change your email, you can change it on via the settings menu in the upper right hand corner. **Do I have to?** Right now, this process is optional. **We strongly recommend you do verify your email ASAP**, but you can postpone the reminder for later. During this time, we’ll be adjusting for any unforeseen issues and ensuring we’re giving everyone enough time to verify their accounts. After this initial optional phase, we’ll be rolling out mandatory email verification later in the year. **Why email verification?** There are several options when it comes to account security, and email verification is just the first step. It’s pretty standard practice at this point, and it’ll allow us to start unlocking other optional security features later this year, like Multi-Factor Authentication. We'll be here to answer questions below! o/
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