Big Plays Spotlight: Mini Gnar Mega Dive

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing cross-map jukes.

Gnar’s Rage meter is tricky, but managing it with precision enables him to bait the enemy and get away with ultra-aggressive plays.

Giving the Missing Link a spin, GuLe utilizes Gnar’s kit to max potential, boldly chasing down Katarina and transforming into Mega Gnar for the health spike at just the right moment. Not only did the Diamond 1 player calculate Gnar’s Rage like a pro, he baited out Katarina’s Flash without burning his own.

We’d love to feature your biggest plays, so post a link in the comments below or submit your clip here!

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