Big Plays Spotlight: Nami Tsunami

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing cross-map jukes.

When the gold’s nearly even at 34 minutes, and both teams are hovering around Baron, the perfect engage could mean game. But what about an equally flawless disengage?

As a team fight erupts, Neccra—a Gold IV Nami main—saves Zed from four seconds of lockdown by pausing the battle with a perfectly-positioned Tidal Wave. Kicking the fight into overdrive, the Tidecaller immediately lands a triple bubble counterengage that sets up her allies to slaughter the helpless enemy team.

This swing in momentum netted purple team four kills, an uncontested Baron, and secured the win.

We’d love to feature your biggest plays, so post a link in the comments below or submit your clip here!

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