Lists of Legends: 10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder

Team Builder is the perfect queue to play the champ you want, in the role you prefer, and do it as part of a team that’s all onboard with your strategy. With that in mind, here are a few community-favorite compositions you might not have seen before, along with our a couple of our own quirky takes on the traditional metagame.   #_**10) The Viscount of Luxembourg Presents Crystals at Dawn**_ Dark Crystal Ryze (Top Tank), Anivia (Mid Mage), Skarner (Jungle Tank), Taric (Bot Support), Blight Crystal Varus (Bot Marksman) Created by a team of Rioters during an internal tournament, we couldn’t let the chance go by to show off their amazing photochoppery. Even if it is in the tenth spot.   #_**9) Yordles**_ Gnar (Top Tank), Veigar (Mid Mage), Poppy (Jungle Tank), Tristana (Bot Marksman), Lulu (Bot Support) This comp is even more flexible, we just picked one of our favorite line-ups. Add in Kennen, Rumble, Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Corki or Amumu if you like. We feel like there’s a yordle we’re missing. Hmm. Oh well.   #_**8) Pirates**_ Pirate Ryze (Top Mage) or Bilgerat Rumble (Top Mage), Bilgewater Swain (Mid Mage) or Bilgewater Katarina (Mid Assassin), Fiddle Me Timbers (Jungle Mage) or Gangplank (Jungle Fighter), Miss Fortune (Bot Marksman), Buccaneer Tristana (Bot Marksman) You could have Fiddle play support, but a pirate crew seems more likely to run two marksman. And yes, we’re aware Sarah is technically a Pirate Hunter.   #_**7) Pentakill**_ Yorick (Top Fighter), Mordekaiser (Mid Mage), Olaf (Jungle Fighter), Karthus (Bot Mage), Sona (Bot Support) Skins not necessary. However, every member of the team must run Smite and Ignite. Dragon beware.   #_**6) Mad Scientists**_ Singed (Top Mage), Viktor (Mid Mage), Warwick (Jungle Tank), Dr. Mundo (Bot Marksman), Heimerdinger (Bot Support) If you were thinking of pointing out that Mundo isn’t a marksman, we’d remind you of where exactly Mundo goes.   #_**5) Undying**_ Aatrox (Top Fighter), Anivia (Mid Mage), Zac (Jungle Tank), Yorick (Bot Fighter), Zilean (Bot Support) Mordekaiser and Karthus are sitting this one out. Morde brings your enemies back to life, and Karthus was never really alive in the first place.   #_**4) Ninja**_ Akali (Top Assassin), Zed (Mid Assassin), Rammus (Jungle Assassin), Kennen (Marksman Assassin), Shen (Support Assassin) If you have the skin, by all means, try out this comp. If you don't, we aren't telling you to buy it. Seriously. Play Rammus without the skin. We won't tell anyone. Go forth and ninja people.   #_**3) Terror from the Void**_ Cho'gath (Top Tank), Vel’koz (Mid Mage), Kha'zix (Jungle Assassin), Kog'maw (Bot Marksman), Malzahar (Bot Support) Yes, technically you can sub in Kassadin for Malz. There's something intrinsically satisfying about melting people with Nether Grasp while Vel'koz shoots fricking laser beams, though. Excuse us, Life-form Disintegration Rays.   #_**2) The Medic Force**_ Soraka (Top Mage), Sona (Mid Mage), Taric (Jungle Tank), Janna (Bot Support) and Nidalee (Bot Fighter) Moving around the Rift with the ease that comes with Janna and Sona’s movement buffs, this Healing Hit Point Squad delivers health and mana to your lane in under 30 seconds or your money back. Well, the likely outcome is your money entering the enemy’s pockets in the form of kill bounties, but it’s like getting your money back. Right?   #_**1) Dunk Squad**_ Many debates have been held over the true members of the League of Legends Dunk Squad. We at Lists of Legends certainly do not have any sort of special expertise in determining the true dunkmasters. But we humbly submit our version for consideration, based on historical relevance, popular appeal and our gut-reaction to each champion’s dunks-in-progress. Jayce (Top Marksman), Master Yi (Mid Fighter), Vi (Jungle Fighter), Jarvan IV (Bot Support), Darius (Bot Fighter) Lists of Legends _is a content series chronicling the best community creations, epic stories and moments around the game. It's also a secret testing ground for exclusive invisible previews of League skins. You can't see them. We evaluate your subconscious reaction to them and make only the most popular Teemo-related results. Leave us your feedback in the discussion below, or share your favorite lists on the [Community Creations]( board!_
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