Why we're not releasing the Ahri Statue

Hi Everyone, We’ve decided not to release the Ahri Statue as scheduled on 12/7. We heard players’ feedback on Ahri’s face and want to take this opportunity to revisit this element of her design. Our aim is to make each experience you have with Riot Games Merch an amazing one -- whether it’s buying a poro at an esports event, unlocking Urf Figure via the Figure Fest mini-game, or unboxing one of our larger statues. We missed the mark on Ahri and we apologize. **SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?** We want our statues to be accessible to as many players as possible and are constantly evaluating techniques that will allow us to deliver awesome art at lower price points. For Ahri, the goal was to deliver an epic statue at a retail price significantly below our polyresin Twisted Fate piece -- despite Ahri being similar in size and featuring greater sculpt complexity. To do this, we elected to make her body and face out of another material called PVC, which we used for the Thresh statue. This decision and its associated production processes yielded a loss of resolution in the finer details and structure of Ahri’s face. We also applied Ahri’s eye makeup too heavily in production. All of this resulted in a final product that failed to fully capture Ahri’s unique look. **WHAT WILL WE DO NOW?** We’re going to work with our manufacturing partners to find a solution that will delight Ahri fans while simultaneously meeting our goal of keeping statue prices contained. This will involve sending Ahri back to the factory and rethinking the design and construction of her face. **WILL THE AHRI STATUE RETURN?** We hope so! We love the original concept of this piece and think that if we get the face right, then players will love her as well. That said, we’ll only release this statue if we can get it to the quality that players deserve, and that’s going to take some time. Thank you in advance for your patience. We launched our merch store beta one year ago and the merch team has appreciated the feedback and support you have provided us along this journey. We love this game and these champions as much as you do and want you to be thrilled with our products. We didn’t meet that bar with Ahri, so we’re going to try again. Thank you for your understanding.
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