Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed, Part One

Admittedly, we’ve done some really sneaky teasers before, too. And Lists of Legends wants to do a round-up of those sometime. But that time is not now. And it’s not tomorrow, either. But it could be in the next few weeks. Or not. Sometimes teasers are hard.

We’ve experimented with a number of new styles of teaser lately. Braum’s Trial of the Poro, Yasuo’s scroll, Vel’koz’s pulp sci-fi inspired motion graphic, Jinx’s webpage defacing. Lists of Legends should probably do a round of those, too. But without getting sidetracked again, for a long while we released a number of official teaser pieces that tended to be a little more static than recent examples. And with Gnar’s sleek new motion graphic breaking the ice of a still image, we thought it was fitting to share a collection of all the teaser art in one place. But please don’t try to break it, that’s not ice, it’s your computer monitor.

We’ll do this the way someone looking for a Benjamin Button-esque story about an aging father who goes through a bunch of really strange stuff on the way to becoming a normal boy reads Harry Potter, backwards in order of release.

25. Nami, “Dusk Beneath the Waves”

The light glitters off her fin in this tranquil look at the champion who commands the unfathomable power of the waves.

24. Zed, “The Shadow Beckons”

What’s more frightening than a fed Zed? A Zed who can apparently get to a 100% CDR cap.

#23. Elise, “Gaze Upon Her Throne”

While not released as a teaser, per se, this backlit shot of the Spider Queen was originally intended to be a sneak peek..

22. Kha’zix, “Evolve or Die”

This is a pretty straightforward look at the Void monster whose mating call Deman does a marvelous job of impersonating here.

21. Rengar, “Natural Selection”


20. Diana, “Moonlit Reverie”

Diana’s moonsilver blade is the focus of this starkly lit scene depicting the Lunari scion as an acolyte before the glow of her goddess.

19. Zyra, “Closer”

Mysterious, elegant. Alluring. We like to think of the teaser and splash being a before and after tandem, where the splash is what happens after you’ve accidentally insulted her flowers.

18. Jayce, “Man Observing the Most Glorious Sunrise Ever Witnessed while Clutching an Over-sized Hammer”

Players’ first look at the Mercury Cannon-Hammer. While we’ve said it before, some of you might not remember that Jayce’s code name in dev was “Apollo.” So now you know, in case you ever get asked League trivia on stage at a live event or something.

End of Part One. Part Two arrives next week. Share your favorite teaser arts (or maybe art we missed) in the discussion below, and let us know what you think of Lists of Legends and what you’d like to see next .

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