To The Hero! (Ask Poppy) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Demacia. A nation formed in the hopes of keeping the horrors of magic at bay, and keeping the people safe and peaceful. Free of magic, and free of the dangers it brought. Although, to Poppy, this was none of her concern. All she wanted to do was find a hero, worthy of wielding the hammer she carried. _The Hammer Of Orlon,_ a powerful weapon with powers that could only be awakened by a true hero, the Hero Of Demacia. At least, that's the tale. She's adamant on the fact that he just has to be out there somewhere... Somewhere. She just hadn't found him yet. _"Not comin' back until I find that hero!"_ Poppy was most certainly filled with energy today. She was excited, she'd tracked the trail of heroic tales across the land... albeit, every "hero" she'd met so far had died whenever she gave them the hammer, but today would be different! She'd find a hero... and hopefully, she'd finally be able to complete this long quest. _"Hope the hero likes me..."_ She thought to herself. She was almost at the town, where the 'hero' was last spotted. Entering a small town, she came to the best place she could think of to find information on someone travelling... The local tavern. She entered, and as usual, received no small amount of unusual and strange looks as she entered. Everyone in there seemed occupied, so instead of asking all the people that were busy with their food or drinks, Poppy made her way to one of the waitresses. "Excuse me, miss?" She asked politely, the woman looking down at the small girl. "Have ya seen any heroes around here? Ya know, the kind that fight and protect people from big monsters!" The waitress looked confused. What on earth did she mean 'heroic'? Perhaps... yes, she did have an answer for that. "There was a tough lookin' man in here earlier, about your size. He helped fend off a group'a raiders and bandits. He'd be the guy ya lookin' for." The waitress then turned back to see the chef calling out to her again, and begun walking away. "Wait!" Poppy cried out. "Did he say where he was headed?" The waitress turned back around. "Oh, yes! He said he was searchin' for someone too! He didn't give a description, but he said he was headed for the capital, next!" The capital... Poppy'd not been there in a long time. But she'd finally gotten a proper lead! She may find herself the hero, after all this time... "Thanks miss!" She rushed out the door, as fast as her legs could carry her. Excitement and a thousand thoughts rushed through her head. This guy was able to fend off bandits... that must mean he's strong! She had to see if it was true. She had to make sure there was at least a chance they were the hero! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ >OOC Section. Hello everyone! I'll be taking over Poppy for the time being. I hope all of you enjoy the roleplays you decide to make with me, but, of course, I will need to make a disclaimer to a few things... * First, if you're going to have a roleplay with Poppy, be aware she's looking for a hero in Demacia. It's highly unlikely she'll be anywhere outside of it. * I welcome the use of any OCs or out-of-canon characters to the stories. I'm not picky, but please, kindly make said characters both reasonable, and balanced. * Poppy can receive messages via a Demacian post office, situated in the capital. Or, you can attempt to send her a carrier pidgeon. * I can roleplay any of Poppy's skin universes, just make sure you request before we start! Otherwise, I'll have to presume you're making a roleplay in the base universe, rather than something like Star Guardian, Blacksmith or Snow Fawn! Alright, aside from the obvious contact details, there's not much else to say. Contact me via Discord, or just make an OOC comment asking me to roleplay, below this post. Discord tag is "Cthululu#6225". Contact me there if you need something urgent, or just wish for a faster reply.
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