This Is My Desert [Sivir] In the desert there are many things one can find. Nomads. Treasure. A backstabbing snake. The possibilities are truly endless. Am I to be the judge of the sands? As long as it pays well then yes. Of course, life isn’t all gold and work. Although, it certainly helps. Despite the fact that the desert will take life as she sees fit she is still mine to maintain. I’m more than just a leader of a band of common rabble. In my time I’ve been the one with the boot on my head and my blood in the sand. I’ve been strong enough to rise from the dust and become my own overlord. Hunger drives someone from their insanity and brings them to reason. You forget about what you fear and how fast you can run away. You begin to reason that everything beyond the moment that you can’t take another second of this pang in gullet is going to be the person that has spent years growing so that it could come up behind those who steered your sails and spray their blood all over the caravel. You take hold of your fate and you move on. _Shoraak_ The people of Shoraak. North east of the Shuriman capital. Newly settled, ignorant, well enough to take care of a personal detachment of mine. The count about 200 strong spread out between small groups. For the purposes of reaching me I often meet people here after I get the letters that the Shora leave with one of my men at the post. Were it not for them I certainly wouldn’t talk to as many visitors looking for trade and conversation. I might be a mercenary but I’m not xenophobic. I even talk to people who randomly stumble upon the settlement but to be fair it is on the way to Shurima’s imperial center. > Q. Do you have a preference on where you go to RP? > A. Not really. I mean, I visited Annie first. Champion Visit List: Annie (Planning) Azir (Planning) Completed RPs: Goals: -Complete OP (Within a few days) -Plan for visiting champions and threads -Create side stories for Sivir -Have fun with people -Portray the champion to a well enough standard. Side Stories Planned: My Dear Chalicar (A smol story between Sivir and her weapon) [Completed, unsatisfactory.] (Parenthesis for OOC questions) --- AU options for Special Delivery Sivir will be open. I'm not entirely sure how I want to handle it but I'd like to imagine she's either a mercenary who works certain days at a Shurima Hut or is a university student that hangs out with Brolof and other colleagues in her spare time. --- I will be posting every 2-3 days to prevent burnout.
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