The Bankett dav Valkung (Banquet of Welcoming) ((Closed RP)) The mansion was a hub of activity. Servants were polishing the decorative vases, dusting the tabastries, scrubbing the floors, and varnishing the wood; all of which was overseen by the young butler’s apprentice. As Davian flounced about the mansion, flourishing his newfound authority, his master excused himself from the mansion, his visage covered by a traveling cloak as he departed to fetch their guest. The most delicious smells began to fill the halls as the house chef prepared that evening’s incredible menu. The house guards seemed more on edge this night as they patrolled the grounds, aided by Cassiopeia’s prized drakehounds, Duurthan and Mahrux. The lady herself was shut away in her room as she prepared herself for the evening. Everything had to be perfect because, for the first time in years, the House Du Couteau was hosting a dinner party.
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