Welcome to Cyberspace! - Cyber Pop/Project/PROGRAM hub thread

https://imgur.com/XFKUOYg.png The world is great! Isn’t it? Technology is all around us, shaping our lives as it sees fit. Ignore the weird cyborgs running around, causing havoc. Also ignore those cases of the robots that were supposed to help us secretly killing us all. Just look at all the bright lights that the streets have! Bright, neon lights are all around you, why shouldn’t you pay attention to them? They’re just as pretty as the living here! You get to keep up with the latest news from your apps, you get to talk with people who are a mile away from you from your phone, life couldn’t be better! Y’know those cyborgs I just mentioned? Those people are weird. Those weird people that made them are super secretive about everything related to them as well. Where they came from? How they were made? No one knows! They do look pretty cool though, especially with their visors and neon lights. This group named G/NETIC does say that the people who made them were secretly bad people though, must be why two of the cyborgs were trying to kill the members whenever the members dared to show themselves. That’s not even mentioning the rest of the cyborgs, like that serial killer named Jhin or that vigilante who is chasing him. Really edgy stuff, i’m telling you. Speaking of people trying to kill each other, this brings us to the robots! Well, PROGRAMs as they are called. They’re really helpful other than the fact that some of them (especially that Camille bot) are trying to kill the cyborgs. Like that medic bot who is trying to help everyone! I saw her even help one of the cyborgs before, so she must be cool. Though, some of them are starting to act shady as of lately. One report came along saying that there was a case of that Camille bot killing civilians at a grocery shop. But eh, it’s probably fake news. The civilians are doing great though! They’re just carrying on with their normal lives, ignoring the fact that the technology that they praise are slowly trying to kill them all. Life is just great there. You can get groceries, geek out about your favourite shows and talk to actually friendly robots that are not associated with PROGRAM or PROJECT. Though, there are some hackers out there to be wary about, like that clown who wears glasses. It has been said that she managed to hack into a bank before just for fun! Though, she didn’t steal any money thankfully. The economy is safe for now! Oh yeah, back to those cyborgs. Recently, some of them suddenly appeared in the streets, looking very… old fashioned? I can’t really describe it, they look like a really old version of the cyborgs we already saw, calling themselves ‘monsters’ and ‘outsiders’. Thankfully, they didn’t hurt any civilian. But do you know which cyborg attacked the civilians? A giant wolf, of course! Though, is he even a cyborg? He looks like a malicious robot wolf! Oh well, looks like we need to be wary about sudden nightly wolf attacks at the streets. That’ll make a very interesting urban legend.
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