The Betrayed Gaurdian of Shurima

I intend on exploring Aatrox's less violent and brutal side. I intend instead, on exploring his somewhat faded memories of a time when he stood as an Ascended, fought for and to protect Shurima and humanity, before his imprisonment and betrayal by the aspect of twilight. Before he was corrupted by the void. His voice lines tell us that he is aware that he is somewhat corrupted, though not fully gone. ["I am but an unholy copy of life... A mockery of its freedom... And born in the cruel betrayal of the noble ideals I would've served."]( ["To war, Aatrox! They shall not rob us of our nobility! We shall stand, and spit venom at our tormentors for eternity!"]( ["We march to battle... Let me carve flesh, let me cloak myself in the slaughter! Hide me in their carnage... Hide me from this suffering... ]( ["Dark deeds I will do this day... Though I will carry myself as my former pride dictates!"]( ["The heavens, the endless skies folding into each other. Where are they now?"]( These voicelines paint a picture to me, not of some eldritch mosnter, but of an ancient warrior, suffering from deep mental scars, but one who remembers his past. One who remembers being a hero, but feels his only choice left is to be a monster. I will be taking inspiration from the other Aatrox player, and hopefully i will be able to do this champion justice.
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