An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)

_Amidst the wasteland within the canyon, a great array of lights was clearly visible from the entrance to the great canyon from both sides. Like a circus, showing off it's brilliant lights into the night sky... but it was day-time. Posters were plastered from end-to-end of the canyon, slathering the yellow walls with the golden pages. The deeper you go, the more these posters start looking old, decayed, torn and filthy. One end of the canyon was easily enter-able by foot, it was simply a snap in the land, that used to lead out to sea... which was where the other end of said canyon resides. A dam, built to stop invaders and such using the canyon as a dock, regardless of which side it was from. To sail down said canyon would be asking to be grounded, unless you smash the dam completely open._ _Eventually, you'd see what was creating these lights, small robotics launching their brilliant rays of light into the sky, advertising the Hatter's location..._ _________________________________ _As Poppy herself approached from the land-entrance side, uneasy with fear and anxiety, she turned to the one following beside her. She'd already forgotten her name..._ "So, uh, why are we exactly..." _Poppy paused. She was still very much confused on what the "event" was even meant to be called. A gathering? The other [Yordle]( flicked her ears up in response, showing she was in fact, paying attention._ _Poppy cleared her throat, and tried again._"So uh... this place? Why are we going to it? Something about the hero, right?" _The white-fuzzed yordle turned to Poppy, with a sigh._ "Again? You need me to explain it for the **fifth** time? Okay, fine," _she said, letting out a groan._ "We're going to meet the Hatter. The _Trustworthy_ hatter! He's a guy holding this event. It's some sorta gathering. Some sorta special gathering, no less. If anyone's gonna find this hero you told me all about, it's him. So, we'll go to his event, and see if we can find out where the hero is! And... maybe I'll even learn how to find my brother." _Poppy nodded. So... where was this hatter? Obviously, within the glowing mass in the distance. The pair entered the canyon, making haste to the rays shooting from the canyon. The closer they approached, the lesser the ambient noise grew, the lesser the wind blew, and... of course... the more visible the structures at the center of all this grew. Albeit, they were blurred from this distance and draped underneath cloth... It was clear to make out how tall they were, and wide. About 2 human's high, or 4 yordles. In front of the blurry structures, a man stood. The Trustworthy Hatter. He turned to face the girls almost the instance he came into view, as if he'd sensed their very presence. Something to Poppy, felt very... veeery off. And so would anyone else who saw this man feel so uneasy, as if he was linking between you and himself... staring into your very soul, and licking his lips at the sight._ "Welcome!" _The hatter announced, bowing before the structures now concealed beneath red drapes, as if he was about to reveal something so fantastic it was out of this world. He made sure to keep most of his face hidden, however. His nose barely sticking out from the wide rim on his hat, and his eyes concealed beneath._ "Our first guests should be proud! They made it here well before schedule. Must have some strong legs for such short ones!" _He let out a jolt of laughter, as if he'd just made the best joke of his life. Poppy was unamused._ "Well, whatever he's doin' he ain't started yet." _The other yordle whispered to Poppy._ "We'd best wait, then." "Why, yes." _The man spoke equally as soft, turning back to his structures._ "You should." _Poppy and her companion would await, the hatter would as well, turning back to see his... things. Hidden beneath their drapes, he continued to stare through them as if he was excited. Perhaps he was right, Poppy thought. He may very well have something that can do all the things he's claimed. Maybe this guy could be trusted..._ _The other yordle still seemed impatient, even if she was the one suggesting to just stay quiet and wait. She tapped her foot and fingers, clearly anxious and impatient._
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