From The Depths It Stirs (Closed-RP)

After the messages for help washed ashore, dozens of ships flocked to the borders of the mists hoping to get word from those inside but alas it would seem that the bottles escape from the mists was but a fluke or a random chance as no matter how long they waited nothing ever seemed to emerge let alone a living soul. None the less, many chose to go inward in hopes to remove this unknown curse from the island but once again no matter what precautions they took be it magic or mundane nothing seemed to be able to retrieve those who went inside. Those that remained outside assumed the worst but could never be sure if the screams they heard within were that of the souls who ventured forth of the howl of the wind rocking their vessel. When the renowned mercenaries and sell sword guilds failed, much to the displeasure of ever growing impatient and angry civilians, they were forced to seek out new talent. Sending the message far and wide in hopes of finding the souls that could succeed where they have failed. Those that took up the challenge would be sent to the caravan stationed just outside the mists' border which so happened to be a small costal city known as Mudtown, where a less then pleased guild master would be waiting to greet those who accepted the task. But with repeated failures mounting and lack of progress, most had doubts that these new 'recruits' would fare much better then the veterans that went in before them. _______ [OOC/Rules]( Participants and strikes 1.) [Ra'thul]( / [Ramira]( (Ra'thul's human disguise) [] [] [] 2.) [Tsuki Chambers]( [] [] [] 3.) [Atreyu]( [] [] []
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