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As stated in the title this thread is dedicated to the OC’s of the Forums. Not only does it serve as an area for OC’s to be discussed and reviewed by the members of the community, it is filled with helpful tips to guide Role Players to create unique and well-developed characters! Before getting started with the main point of this thread, I wanted to establish a few simple rules: -Please be polite and respectful to the other members of the community! Everyone’s opinion deserves to be heard and considered when an OC is being reviewed, and while discussions are acceptable please do not let things get out of hand. If such a thing happens and the discussion turns into a rage fest I would kindly ask that the rage be taken to its respective place and dealt with accordingly. -Along with this I would like to ask that discussions keep on topic, meaning they are for the most part about OC’s and their relation to the Forums and League lore. I know topics can easily stray, but if they get too far from their main point can they please be taken to the OOC discussion thread found [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/BMNEqOby-the-break-room-ooc-lounge) to keep the thread from being cluttered! -I would like to ask that downvoting be kept to a minimum, as not only does it have a negative effect on discussions but to many downvotes can close the thread! Onto the true topic of the thread, all points stated here are put in place to help OC’s become the best that they can be. Of course, they are called “guidelines” for a reason as these are not rules placed on the creation of OC’s, but something here to help RPers out along the way! OC’s are about creativity and innovation, and no one here in the community wants to destroy anyone’s ideas, so we will work together on the characters to find compromises to make sure that OC’s are well developed, but still have the image that their creator had in mind. Mind you, while leniency will be given when reviewing and adjusting OC’s, any characters that are found to be obscenely over powered or are just plain Mary Sues will be dealt with accordingly. Something I thought I would include to be helpful to those new to making characters in general is the Mary Sue test. While not amazingly perfect, and not specifically designed for OC’s of League and those designed for role plays, it can be a major help. The test can be found [here](http://www.springhole.net/writing/marysue.htm). **~Point of Interest~** For anyone who is interested in receiving a review, but would prefer to have any sort of private discussion, or wants to speak with me for whatever reason, feel free to add me at your own discretion. My name is akuma_hunter. I can also be found in the community Skype chat if you wish to contact me! Also, if anyone has any information they would like to have added into what is featured here, or any points they have issues with that they wish to be altered, feel free to make suggestions and give your opinions! **Creativity** -One of the most important points of creating a character is to create one from your own ideas! The biggest thing we ask for when it comes to OC’s is that they are completely original and very creative! Of course, it would be in your best interest to keep cannon to League lore and too keep all aspects of your character logical, but you shouldn’t be afraid to stray from the norm and make a character that has true ingenuity and imagination (( Just. Keep. It. Logical. )). It is okay to draw inspiration from your favorite characters, but let your OC be of your own creation with your own ideas. It is much more fun to role play as a character you made yourself than one from another game or show. It would also be in your best interest to post your ideas for an OC in this thread to see what the community has to say before putting too much time and work into creating a character based around your concepts. This would be especially good if you’re worried that you’re idea might be controversial to some here on the forums. If something feels like it doesn’t make very much sense, or might bend the lore of League to greatly, just bring it up and we’ll work with you to make it fit for role play and help your character to be well developed and rational. **Power Levels** -OC power levels is a very controversial topic on the forums as there are many differing opinions on how strong an OC should be especially in comparison to Champions. While it is the best interest of those who are starting out in creating characters and role playing in general to stay in the lower power ranges, as it stands it is not required for OC’s to not be powerful characters and not compare to champions. Powerful OC’s are a very touchy subject, and such characters are to be handled with care, but they aren’t impossible to be used as long as their power was obtained in a logical and clearly stated way, and the character is used wisely. The most we ask is that you do not simply give your character extreme power levels for the sake of making them a powerful character, but put true logic behind it. Make them of a sensible age, with a sensible species, and a sensible occupation and life that would give them the means to have such power, and don’t use said power however you wish. It would be appreciated if you refrained from using your power to fight weaker characters for the enjoyment of just obliterating them, and keep combat exclusive to those who are an even match for you. Please handle your strength wisely! Always remember that just because your character has extreme power doesn’t mean they have to go around fighting all the Champions and OC’s in existence; you can have extreme power, but not fight with your character and just use them as a character to converse with others. It would also be asked that you allow Champions to still be the best in their area of expertise. While it is okay to be physically stronger than some of the Champions, each Champion has an aspect about them that makes them special and it would be best if things were kept that way. For example: Caitlyn is revered as an amazing sniper, one of the best (( if not the best )) in Valoran, but she is still only a sheriff. You can be physically stronger than Caitlyn, but you shouldn’t be a better sniper than her. You also should take into consideration the specific Champion you are dealing with as you can be a better marksman than someone like Garen, but being in a physical confrontation with Garen is a different story. Let the Champions stay at the top in their fields of expertise whether or not your character is stronger than them. **Strength** -Something to consider when making an OC is that not all characters have to be super strong for you to enjoy role playing as them! There is a great amount of fun to be had in characters who are simply average as it makes situations seem much more dangerous and intense! This isn’t saying that your character can’t be powerful, but you shouldn’t concern yourself with making them the pinnacle of strength, you should just focus on making a creative character that not only will you enjoy role playing as, but others will enjoy role playing with. Normal citizens with average jobs can make for very interesting characters to bring into role plays, but if you want your character to be above average a good idea is to give your character room to grow. Giving your character room to grow means they do not start out at the top of their game, but you have full intentions of getting them there! Instead of starting out with your character being a powerful master of shadows akin to Zed, have them travel to Zed’s school and learn about shadows underneath him. Or have them aspire to be an inventor, so they seek out one of the many inventors of Piltover (( or Zaun )) to learn underneath them. Let them start out as amateurs and grow into being masters! Give them aspects that they can improve upon, or traits about that they can change; this will lead to much more interesting role play plots and can give you a good reason to role play with Champions. **Weaknesses** -One important point behind an OC is giving that character a weakness. Of course, the nature of weaknesses range depending upon the species and abilities of your character, and are usually pretty obvious, but there are more weaknesses that you can give your characters aside from the generic fire v. water, or darkness v. holy. I personally like to divide this up into giving your character a physical weakness, a mental weakness, or a limitation. Giving your character a physical weakness can be very simple, and is probably the easiest part of your character to make. This would be the section that would cover having only one eye, arm, or leg, to having any sort of breathing problem, handicap, or illness. Anything about your characters physical body that holds them back despite any situation counts as a physical weakness and can pose a hindrance on your character. Mental weaknesses and Hamartia’s (( a fatal flaw )) are very good to include for any character despite species, but they are best to use for humans since humans are left with so many physical weaknesses and limitations it is pointless to list them all. This is any kind of mental capacity that draws your character back. This could be any sort of irrational fear that poses to great of an effect on your character that it becomes an obstacle, to any character trait that could lead to great trouble and consequence (( such as recklessly throwing yourself into battle, or picking fights with the wrong people )). Mental weaknesses can be very versatile, along with fatal flaws, and generally range from person to person. They can even branch from negative or positive traits within your characters. Of course, using positive traits as a flaw can be very tricky, and only certain aspects of a positive trait come off as a flaw so this will need to be handled carefully. I’ll use my OC Claude as an example of this: He is a very just man driven by what he believes is right, and one of these traits is not killing people as he believes no one deserves to die. This seems like a good trait, but anyone that he comes into conflict with that has this knowledge knows that no matter what happens within their fight, Claude will not kill them. They can fight him full force with intentions to end his life, and they know that Claude will hold back and they will not die. Limitations are something very good to place on a character with very powerful abilities as it makes them much easier to manage and battle. A limitation for a characters ability means more than just giving that ability a cool down or making it cost so much mana, but giving the ability an actual limitation. For example, if your character has the power to absorb the abilities of others, a limitation would be allowing your character to only absorb five abilities before they begin replacing one another. This also covers having certain magic, species, etc. that your characters abilities cannot affect or counter, so people utilizing those abilities will have the advantage against you. Don’t worry about giving your character any sort of flaws or weaknesses as they are actually not a bad thing! They can make role playing very fun and much more interesting! As a note: remember your weaknesses and limitations. Listing them in your profile so it seems like your character has a weakness is one thing, but actually carrying it out in role play is another. If your character is extremely tall, remember they can’t enter most buildings, if they are made of fire don’t send them to the Freljord, if they get angry when people give them orders do not simply comply to commands when they are given. Following your flaws and utilizing them in role play is very fun and can get your character into some very interesting situations. Flaws and weaknesses are some of the best things your characters can have! **Relationships** -Relationships with Champions are usually not very complicated to figure out. As long as you have permission from the Champion in question before referencing the relationship in any role-plays, and they have worked with you to straighten out any issues that they found, you’re good to go. The only factor is that asking for permission is something deemed necessary as it can be very hard on Champion Role Players for there to be an OC making claims of their Champion that they are oblivious too. Giving them the knowledge beforehand just allows things to stay clean and running smoothly. Not all relationships are required to be called into question, but these relationships are ones that are solely one sided. This would mean if you simply have knowledge of the Champions existence, idolize them in some way, or wish to seek them out. If at any point in the characters biography they met a Champion, or you wish for the Champion to have any sort of important relationship with your OC you need to consult that Champion first. **Species** -Species (( sometimes referred to as the characters race )) is something that concerns many OC’s as many people hold preference that the species used are those that are already living on Runeterra and are cannon to the lore of League, but this isn’t mandatory. As with most things pertaining to OC’s, as long as there is true logic behind the character and they have a good purpose for being present in Runeterra, there should be no issue with a non-lore species being used. It is in the best interest of those who are just starting out to use cannon species, at least until they are comfortable with making OC’s and role playing in general. **Extra things!** I wanted to include some general notes on making characters here, as this isn’t just for rules to be placed on OC’s (( I don’t view anything stated here as a rule anyway, it’s called “guidelines” for a reason… )), but also a place for RPers to get help when it comes to creating OC’s. Here are some helpful tips, and some general advice that I follow, when making OC’s that may or may not help you when creating your characters! -For starters, make sure to brush up on the lore of League if you aren’t very knowledgeable in that subject so you know what you’re talking about. Especially information that pertains to your OC. You want to make sure that the things you design about your characters are relevant to where they live and the type of culture they would have grown up in, and it will help to fill any issues or plot holes within your profile to truly know all you possibly can about the area(s) where your character lives and travels. -As stated earlier it is in your best interest to give your OC at least one (( if not more, more would actually be nice )) flaws! When doing this please give them actual flaws and really use them in role play! Not only do people have a habit of forgetting that their flaws are there, but they have a habit of giving their characters traits that aren’t used to be true flaws. This usually falls in the range of being insecure or clumsy, which can be negative traits but are typically used to make a character appear cute. Characters need to have real flaws that can have great consequence on them, and let these traits get them into bad situations. It will make role playing a great deal of fun. Good flaws usually fall in the category of irrational fears, ineptitudes, or obsessions. Which are all very interesting traits to have! -An important thing to remember is to keep your character balanced. This is a big thing to consider when making abilities and weaknesses, but pertains to many more aspects of your character, especially their personality. When making and role playing as your character you need to treat them as if they are actually a person, and when doing this remember that people have a mix of personality traits! No matter who they are, someone is never fully evil or fully good. They’re a mix of good and bad! My best advice to keep a character balanced in their personality is to do as follows: Decide to list 10 personality traits for the character overall: If the character has a “good” alignment you will list 6 positive traits and 4 negative traits. If the character has a “bad” alignment you will list 6 negative traits and 4 positive traits. If the character has a “neutral” alignment you will list 5 negative traits and 5 positive traits. (( of course this isn’t exactly how you have to keep them balanced, it’s just what I do when making characters and I feel it is something good to keep in mind )) -Note that your profile does not have to be filled out for how the character would work in game. If you want to fill the profile out in this way, it’s fine (( this kind of thing is personal preference )), but it isn’t required and for many people just putting summaries and explanations for your information instead of numbers and cool-downs is much easier to understand. -My last piece of advice (( for now )) is to add as much information in your profile as possible! You don’t have to go crazy with details, but make sure everything that needs to be known about your character is included. It would be greatly appreciated if you even included information about your character that they do not know themselves in their profile as it lets all information be known without any confusion. Despite your character not knowing this information, having it written down in their profile for others to see makes it much easier when your character does discover such information and won’t seem like you’re pulling those traits from nowhere. It keeps things running smoothly. Your character having powers that are unknown to them, and not listed in their profile, can make it seem very Mary Sue when those powers come to light as others may see it as you making up those powers on the spot and using them for that situation to keep your character safe. While this may not be true, it is best for all hidden and unknown abilities and information to be listed so there is no confusion.
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