Champion Auditions - Kai'sa, The Daughter of the Void [VOTES!!]

------------**This Voting Session will be run using the guidelines set forth [HERE](** ------------ #**REMEMBER: Post in the THREAD to say who you voted for!** #**Votes cast WITHOUT doing so WON'T be counted valid!** --- Strawpoll [here]( **"Here is where we make our stand."** --- Our prospective RPers have finally taken root, and we've finally got entries from the perspective Kai'sa Roleplayers! The guidelines for the voting are linked above, as are the conditions for a winner. In the case that a winner isn't chosen by community votes alone, the panel of judges will step in to make a decision on how to proceed. This could include another writing challenge, followed by another round of votes, or they could simply pick a winner. Your judges are listed below! >**Primary Judges** >Ryugi Kazamaru >Foxfire Ahri > >**Secondary Judges** >HyperZEROXL In the case a Judge cannot fulfill their duties, a backup judge will step in as a tertiary or replacement Judge. Your choices for Kai'sa are below. I've rigged it so that clicking their names will link you directly to their submissions, which means no super-cluttered thread! That means it should be nice and easy to read each one and cast your vote. Everyone here has taken great time and care to craft these entries. So, do them the honor of reading each one before you make your choice. And remember, you'e voting for who you think has portrayed Kai'sa the best, as far as you understand their character. The personality and portrayal is more important than the writing, even, as the personality is what we will likely deal with the most on the forums. Also remember that longest length does not always mean best portrayal either, so read carefully. That said, good luck to our contestants! **Remember!! One vote per person! Don't make duplicate votes on smurfs!** > #**Participants:** >[ApexVoidAngel]( > [Keen Kai'sa]( >[KaiReturned](
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