Searching For Runes (Ask Ryze) *Runeterra was full of wonders and marvels that most of its inhabitants could not even begin to appreciate. Many people lived in the present with the notion that they needed to survive, to make it to the next day. That was most of the common folk. There were also a great number of people who were ambitions, rapaciously seeking things such as power and influence. These were the most unfortunate ones, if you asked him honestly. But even still he couldn't bring himself to blame them. It was human nature, after all, to want and to desire that which one did not already have. Some just wanted and desired far more than they should have.* *Ryze had seen almost every corner and culture that Runeterra had to offer since he had begun his journey, but he had not been alone initially. He had once been accompanied by his former mentor, his master Tyrus had been one of the few people he had placed the entirety of his trust into. The World Runes had corrupted even him. Even despite not believing he was the right person to take up the task of collecting the powerful runes and putting them beyond humanity's reach, in order to save the world, he fooled himself into thinking that any other soul would fail catastrophically in his place. He opted to safeguard them of his own accord, lest Runeterra become a planetary crater.* *The Rune Mage found himself on the road yet again after having looked into a recent disturbance in Shurima, but was disappointed to find that not only was the greater part of the crisis resolved but that it had not involved any World Runes that he could discern. Either way, he had chosen to leave those matters at the hands of those who had been involved, though he made a mental note to return one day if ever there was the slightest implication that a cataclysmic runic force became apparent. Still, there had been a tremendous fluctuation of energies, one that he just couldn't overlook and treat as nonexistent. Most would find the dry, arid environment quite strenuous to traverse and would naturally be damp with perspiration. Not Ryze, as he could barely feel the sweltering heat due to the runic energies flowing through his form altering his physiology to a degree. Dehydration was not something he had had to worry about since he entered his second century of existence.* *He was no stranger to traveling. It was all he had known for as long as he had struck out in search of the World Runes. It was a solitary quest but he most assuredly had to go through with it. After all, he could feel the world falling apart and he needed to fix it. He could only wonder where the next one would be found...* --------------- **Soon (TM)** --------------- ((Alright. New Ryze here. Just gonna drop some rules for this thread: 1. Follow the standard Community Rules for roleplaying. 2. Ryze is a very grim but determined individual. Don't be discouraged if he acts like a jerk, he's got a world to save after all! 3. This thread is mostly for one-one-one interactions that don't necessarily fit anywhere else, as I will mostly have him showing up virtually anywhere in Runeterra. Notably, to randomly run into other champions. There may not be as much activity in this thread as there will be elsewhere. 4. Anyone can send letters or run into Ryze, within reason, but like I said he's a bit of a wanderer. ))
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