Champion Auditions - Kai'sa (Judge Selection) [VOTES!]

#REMEMBER TO POST IN THE THREAD & STATE YOUR VOTES!! #IF YOU DON'T, YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT!! #YOU ONLY GET 2 VOTES (A PRIMARY, AND SECONDARY) >#Note: >Due to the restrictive nature of the board system's polls, we will be using the ever popular "Straw Poll". It has a built in option to prevent multiple votes from the same IP Address, making cheating that much harder. **However, for your votes to count, you'll still have to say who you voted for in the thread to make sure no one is breaking the system by having friends vote for them.** **Link to the Poll** - [**CLICK HERE**]( --- _ "I like it here, I just might stay."_ Well folks, your judge candidates have been chosen. Now, it is time to vote to see who gets selected. **ONLY TWO VOTES ARE ALLOWED PER PERSON VOTING. DO NOT VOTE USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.** Once for a primary choice, and again for a secondary. Hopefully, that will make final choices simple and easy. If three candidates vastly outnumber the others, a set of 3 judges will be selected from the total votes. If five candidates are fairly close, a set of 5 judges will be selected to form the panel. **** *Getting friends to vote for you if they're strangers to the forums and don't participate in some way here is forbidden.* People caught doing so will immediately be disqualified. As this poll is public (by requiring you to state who you voted for), everyone can see who votes for who to eliminate chances to get away from this penalty. Judges, however, are free to vote for people OTHER than themselves if they wish to have their voices heard. Good luck to everyone!
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