The Grand Manor of House Laurent [Ask Fiora - The Grand Duelist]

***Introduction*** The opulent and proud family of House Laurent had gone through much in the way of trials and tribulations, especially in the times after a scandal had nearly destroyed them in societal standing and history within the lands of Demacia. Yet, the disaster had been averted all by one thrust of the blade into the heart of a man who had risked it all to save himself and his legacy by his very own daughter who had defied all expectations from her family and the crowd that had witnessed that day of blood and redemption. Still, it was not enough to completely wipe away the stain of mockery and contempt that tarnished the name of Laurent, but Fiora was not one to sit idle and wait out the storm that had followed after her father's death. Becoming the head of House Laurent (Most likely because her brothers did not wish to end up like their deceased father) after the grand duel, she swiftly moved into action to do everything in her power to have her family seen as the honorable and noble family that they had always been before the scandal. However, that mostly meant having to deal with impudent swines that were quick with their tongues rather than their dueling swords. It was not something she found happiness in but ultimately necessary for her goals, regardless of the fearsome reputation that was quickly given to her from the headcount of all that she had dueled to the death in the name of her family's honor. To her, it was only a matter of business in the great effort of making her family known to all as one of the great noble houses of Demacia once again, and she would do whatever was necessary in doing so, whether it may be in the Hall of Blades or out in the open world to uphold her family's noble image. ***Family*** Estelle Laurent - Mother of Fiora and her siblings and widow. Tylion Laurent - First oldest brother of the Laurent siblings. Ammdar Laurent - Second oldest brother of the Laurent siblings. Enzo Laurent - Third oldest brother of the Laurent siblings. Fiora Laurent - Youngest daughter of the Laurent siblings. ***The Laurent Estate*** The land that made up the estate was lush in greenery with open fields of grass as far as the eye can see, and there was even a small forest nearby where the manor had been built. Unfortunately, for such a beautiful display of nature, the manor had to be built relatively far from the any bastion of civilization, but thankfully not too dreadfully far. The manor itself looked to be vast with the amount of land it used, especially considering it only housed a few nobles, but such is the way of the aristocracy when it came to flaunting their power. When coming through the front of the manor, they would be greeted by the colorful sight and wonderful aroma of flowers both simple and exotic that would greet the visitor alongside the watchful guardsmen who patrolled the estate. Once the visitor had been deemed worthy of entering either by official invitation or approval from one of the owning nobles of the estate, they would then be escorted through the extravagant garden and into the grand manor that housed one of the finest - if not - the finest duelist of all in Demacia. The inside would be as majestic and imperial as one would imagine with stained glassed windows with the crest of House Laurent, as well as paintings and statues that lined the walls made from the blood, sweat, and tears of skilled artisans across Demacia and even other parts of the known world. The house had only two floors, but with the large amount of rooms that it had in its entirety, it was more than enough for the entire family to suit their needs and purposes. The entire manor itself seemed to be built of solid stone as well as the flooring. The fabrics used for the carpets, rugs, and even the curtains all were made to be pleasing to the eye with what simple or elegant designs that they may have on them, just one of the smaller details that made House Laurent stand out more to the other aristocrats. All in all, from the servant quarters to the grand courtyard of the manor, it was used to display the fortune and prestige that House Laurent held, and Fiora did what she could to ensure that all will see her house as great as it always was even before the scandal. ***OOC*** Hello, everyone! I am glad to be the Fiora RP'er here on the Boards Roleplay Forum! Here's just my guidelines on my thread, but I am glad to be roleplaying with you all. 1. I will respond to letters for Fiora regardless whether they may be from nobility, commoners, adventurers, or anything of that nature. Feel free to send one to Fiora if you wish to do so! 2. While coming directly to the woman on her estate is rather limited in means of introducing yourself, we can discuss beforehand on what kind of setting you would like to do for the RP such as in a marketplace or the like! 3. Be **very** aware that the idea of dealing with suitors does not sit all that well with Fiora, especially if one doesn't take heed to tread carefully with her. While she may be quick to duel, she's more quick to find an alternative option to have one repay their disrespect should such a thing happen. Either way, be smart and don't be crude and rude! 4. Have fun! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to post in OOC here if necessary and we can discuss our options and stuff together. I am also available on the Boards Role-play Discord should you wish to communicate with me there as well.
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