Community Rules, Culture, and Etiquette --- #WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ROLEPLAYING BOARD! --- >**Helpful Links for Newcomers:** After reading the thread below, check out these useful resources… * [OC Guidelines and Discussion]( * [How to act in an Ask Thread]( * [Tips and Tricks for RPers]( * [How to join RPs (And not get yelled at!)]( >#RPing Culture Hello, and welcome to the League RPing Board. Always wanted to be a part of the Runeterra Universe? Ever wanted to interact with others and make stories together in the world of League of Legends? Well look no further than the Roleplaying Boards! Interact with other users as an original character, or simply ask a few of your favorite champions questions! Want to roleplay a champion? See if they're available in the Champion Compendium, level a smurf, and tell their story in a living, vibrant world created by other users just like you! We value creativity tempered by an understanding of the lore and limits of the universe, and strive to create a fun environment for all who play here. So, if you want to interact with a closely-knit community or creative minds who love making stories together, we welcome you to the Official Roleplaying Boards! >#RPing Etiquette **Posting in the Roleplaying Boards? Here's how to behave.** * Follow the [Universal Rules]( This goes for all forums. * Follow the [Community Rules]( specific to the Roleplaying Boards. * Be familiar with both sets **before** posting! * Post OOC and questions in the [OOC Lounge]( and use OOC Brackets "((text))" in threads. * ALWAYS READ THE FIRST POST >#General Rules of Thumb **Don’t Assume:** If you are unsure or simply curious about something, especially about other people's characters, ask in the [OOC Lounge](! Communication is vital. **Be Familiar with Basic Terms:** [OOC](, [IC](, Open RP (Anyone can join), Semi-Open RP (Ask first, get permission), Closed RP (Only certain people may post) **Create a Character: ** For the convenience of yourself and others, take the time to create a Profile for your character. Using something like a Google Doc or a Pastebin with a simple link for others to read about your character is vital. This profile allows for easy linking and easier RPing for all involved. That said, we strive to avoid crossovers from other games or fandoms. Characters should be from the universe of League of Legends, so keep that in mind. And, if you want to RP as a Champion, be sure to check the [Ask Champion Compendium]( to see if they are available before doing so! **Do not** [**God Mod**]( This is a community-driven environment, and as such, you cannot be invincible. Be respectful and mindful of limits. Other people want to be cool too. Don’t be a [Bulrog]( **Be Descriptive: ** Simply put, add a description, small or otherwise, about how the place and your character looks! It breathes life not only to your thread, but also to the world itself. A little can go a long way.[]( **Know the Lore: ** When interacting with champions, or with others on the forums, it's a good idea to know the lore before approaching - it helps you get a grasp of their person and allows you to plan your first move accordingly. This is especially true for Champions. The best source for all things League Lore is the League Wiki. **Spice it up with Outside Resources: ** Music links, pictures, perhaps even quotes can add life to a story or situation. Don’t be afraid to use them to set the scene! ---

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