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**New lore and old lore is welcome** ----------------------------------- Desire is a powerful emotion, tempting and tugging at our thoughts. Some give in easily to this temptation, others are more resilient. Ahri had indulged her desires without concern or care for those she hurt. She wanted to be human, and their essence was the only way she knew how. As a fox, the answer was simple; take what you desire. The more she took though, the harder it became. Feelings unknown to her, of guilty, and regret began to sow in her conscious. She found herself stuck, wishing to become human but unable to continue, the thought of so callously taking a life appalled her. Ahri refused to let go of her desire, setting out to find a way to complete her transformation without the need to kill anyone else. In her search, Ahri found the Institute of War. They made her an offer, in exchange for her service in the League they would help her fufill her wish to become human. She gladly accepted, and joined the ranks of champions within the Institute. While she may be a champion now, Ahri could feel how uneasy, and often fearful some of her peers were. She felt like an outcast, shunned and avoided by the exact thing she wished to be. She wanted to feel accepted, to feel human. It was this desire, and her curiosity that pushed her to make her decision. Ahri slowly opened the door to her room, peering out into the hallway of the Institute. She slipped quietly from her doorway, a soft thud as she closed the wooden door behind her. She made her way through the almost deserted corridors. The High Summoners had agreed to see her, and hear her request. They had made an appointment for her early in the morning. Ahri made her way towards their offices, the sound of her footsteps echoing faintly around her. Her mind was racing, she felt nervous, excited, uneasy. She hoped they hadn't forget she was coming. She approached the entrance to their chambers, her hand was shaking as she reach up to knock on the large oak door. The door seemingly swung open on its own. She stepped forward cautiously into the room. Her eyes moved across the hooded figures who stood there, clearly waiting for her. A voice came from the figure on the left. "Speak, champion." Ahri shifted her gaze, turning herself to address the summoner who spoke. "Greetings High Summoners." Ahri managed a sweet smile through her nerves. She waited, but received no response from the man. She continued uneasily. "I would like to make myself publicly available for visitors and any who wish to send me letters." She waited again, hoping they would accept her request. "Very well, we will make the arrangements. Be warned though, we expect proper behavior from you. Was there anything else?" Ahri couldn't help but feel excited, though she did her best not to show it. "Thank you, I'm very grateful and no, that was all." she answered. "Very well, then if you don't mind, we have other matters to attend to." Ahri bid farewell, stepping out from the chamber, the large door closing shut behind her. Ahri made her way back to her room, some signs of life starting to fill the hallways. She reached her door, unlocked it, and stepped inside. She had some tidying to do if she was going to be expecting visitors. Opening the door one would see a grand room, or at least a very big one. The ceiling wasn't too high, but the floor was quite wide and long, and almost entirely covered in a large, thick, soft rug, a pattern of flowers made from different shades of a creamy color were spread across its surface. The lighting wasn't too strong, and provided by blue flames which hovered in glass spheres attached to the ceiling. While providing enough light that one would be able to see it felt like they were accentuating the shadows more than anything else. Most of the room was occupied by various types of furniture, although most of them shared the crimson upholstering and their comfortable nature, from big chairs to long couches. In the middle of the room there would be a central couch, with in front of it a round table and several chairs. Clearly that specific part had been designed with the purpose of receiving visitors. On the walls numerous paintings could be found, most of them depicting one scenery or the other. Where there weren't paintings there were either doors (four of them in total, two in the back and two on the left) or bookcases, holding both books and scrolls. There were also several windows on the right, although the curtains were drawn to keep the lighting dim. All in all, it was the room of somebody who wanted to make use of the space she was given. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't be shy, I don't mind the length of your post~ I'm more than happy for this to be an open RP. New lore is welcome if you'd like. If you wish to find me, you could visit me at my chambers, run into me in different parts of the Institute, or when I'm out wandering Ionia. [](
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