RP Sign up - A Rogue Curse

((This is a sign up for an open RP idea I have. Something fairly non-linear that i am willing to let grow naturally. I have a premise and a start, but I like to see what can bloom here with the community. Those interested in signing up should have a character or two of moderate to powerful characters. Not Champion caliber power such as Karthus or Ryze, but still formidable. Interested parties will also make a short intro and response IC and OC to the open notice distributed across Valoran.)) -From street urchin to peasants, sailors to thieves, ladies to lords, markets and guilds and castles alike, a message has been spread across much of Valoran. Couriers of unknown origin come bearing a simple message, and when pressed, will speak to none. They deliver hand written noted or post messages upon bulletin boards, it does not matter. But they do not speak, no matter how sorely pressed.- The message reads simply: "Your station nor upbringing make no difference to me. I seek the best and the brightest, rhe most able and compassionate to aid me in the most sensitive of requests. Know that for safety purposes I will not divulge my name via message. You may call me Rogue until we meet and formulate a partnership of sorts. My dilemma is simple. The details are not. I need assistance. I will require men and women of intelligence, as well as warriors. Most of all you will need to prove resourceful. I am hunted. This is in vain, mind you, their hunt, but regardless it is troublesome and may prove dangerous to outside parties. Please be aware that I am not penniless. Over an extended period of time and through a number of ethical and non-ethical maneuvers I have acquired a rather large estate. I would pary with all that I own and can acquire in the future to those who can do this. As for the what this is... Know, before you seek me out, that I am a cursed man. I am desperate. Do not mistake me for a fool though. Any interested may seek me out in the Wayward Shepard, a fine inn located within Demacia. Simply ask the innkeep for a room, and offer him double and half the quarter rate for friends. He will bring you to me. His name is Reignier. Please do not trouble him. It will not benefit you to seek him or myself if you.mean me harm." ~Rogue
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