Ask Udyr, the Spirit Walker.

_"Solitude..."_ The words crumbled softly beneath his tongue as he whispered, the brows upon the Spirit Walker's eyes furrowing softly. His iris softly lit up, illuminated in the violently crackling light of the bonfire infront of him, the rest of his figure covered by the gentle shadow of night. Donning a bear's head upon his own and wearing naught but rugs with the imprinting of red bear paws, Udyr began fiddling his thumbs idly, mayhaps as a mere distraction, or maybe a necessity. Around the fire sat several men clad in leather and plate listening intently to his words spoken in an ever so sorrowful tone, their horses tied to a post nearby, softly neighing. _"The curse of any normal man, but a blessing my kin shall never recieve. There is no stopping the voices, the emotions; even now, the inescapable cacophony carries on, the foreign thoughts of nearby elnüks, drüvasks, horses and wolves flood my mind, but so do the emotions of men." _ He gazed around those who sat with him, his eyes ever so sternly furrowed as he inspected them, a soft grunt escaping beneath his voice as he ripped through his bag to search for his silver nail. The metal burnt softly in his finger, each repeating plunge into his hand making his teeth grit togheter. The shock of the metal compounded the pain thousandfold - but to quiet the voices, he would give anything. **Anything.** _"Anger, fear, bitterness, cold, hunger, hatred..."_ He stopped in the midst of his sentence, his gaze turning to the horses stationed at the near post. He felt their frozen muscles tightening as they shivered in the cold. Udyr snapped at the nearest horse, _“Shut it! No oats now!”_ His eyes widened softly, his palm bloodied in a desperate attempt to halt the voices that flooded his mind to the brink of insanty, for he had only now noticed the looks the fellow men around him gave, displaying disbelief, fear, worry and confusion. But alas, it did not matter, not to him. Instead, he focused on what truly mattered; his eyes shutting ever so gently, the black brow upon his facial features furrowing ever softly, showing a mixture of both peace and struggle as he meditated once again, as he usually did to regain control of the voices. Every time, he finds himself in the same place. His back rested gently against the song-tree's trunk, its leaves the color of blood. Around him, the scarlet leaves fell ever so gently, his gaze fixated on their tranquility. To many, it was the color of violence, that of the slain upon death's approach. But in truth, it was the color of life. As long as life burnt akin to a gently shimmering ember within their souls, it would always flare into a crackling bonfire, one of potential and promise for a better tomorrow. His eyes opened once more to gaze upon the vast landscapes of the bitterly cold Freljord, where he now found himself once more, even after the slaughter of his kin. A soft smile formed on his lips, his hand forming into a fist, soft crimson droplets of blood dripping into the snow beneath him from his earlier attempt to silence the voices. _"..But it matters not. This is my home, and no matter what it takes-"_ His voice sterned, a soft illuminating colour of blue coating his form, waves of spiritual energy softly flowing around him as the features of man upon his face began to change, transforming into the such of a bear as he took upon the aspect of the bear spirit. His voice growled with pride and determination as it echoed throughout the camp, his eyes burning with an unwavering determination. _**"I will protect it!"**_ --------- Hi, I'm Otaku Udyr, a long time Udyr main who has recently decided to pick up the mantle on this RP-forum as his voice. Feel free to ask any question, and I shall try my best to respond as our beloved bear-boy himself would have. Thank you kindly and have a wonderful day. ----------------------- ''Through us, nature's will is done.'' ~ Udyr
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