An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP).

_All over Runeterra, for the past month, strange postures and leaflets have been showing up across all states, past, present, and future! This mysterious appearance of raining leaflets and unusual looking posters with what appeared to be an advertisement. Was this an invitation to a show? Regardless, they said a few things upon them. The text was against a golden background, coloured white._ _"To those seeking glory, fame, fortune, perhaps a chance to see the lost loved ones of past again? Maybe find a person you thought elsewhere? Or... perhaps you seek power? All of these things, perhaps?_ _If yes, this message has reached who it was intended for! I've called all of you, yes, you, reader, to join me in a valiant quest that will help us all, including the weak, the poor, and the corrupted. Perhaps we could save this world from things such as, endless war, the void... many more horrible things._ _Come find me, **The Trustworthy Hatter**. I will give you whatever you seek, if you're willing to fight for what's right, hero. Meet me upon the great valleys that divide Demacia from Noxus, the barren crossing that I'm sure so many of you have crossed before!... or you'd taken the safe way around... Doesn't matter!"_ _Turning the leaflet over, if one had acquired such, would find a strange drawing of a near white-out skinned man. He was drabbed in a long trench coat, a top-hat, beneath of which he held a smile... it was a smile that'd send you fuel for your nightmares. He'd be tipping his hat slightly forwards, keeping the eyes upon that pale face of his hidden from view, and in turn, partially covering the mouth of his up. Below his waist, a pair of ragged trousers, black, contrasting to the white skin of his hands. In fact, the entire outfit was a dusty black, clearly worn out. He held in his off-hand, a walking stick, and in the left pocket, a dagger clearly was hidden inside of it. The opposite pocket was also filled with what appeared to be chains... small, likely attached to a pocket watch._ _At the bottom of each piece written by this strange man, there was a signature in red... it looked like ink, but far too much was applied to the page. It was obviously meant to give the illusion of being blood-signed... right? "P." Now, this **Trustworthy Hatter** seems untrustworthy, as hell. Clearly, he wasn't very good at setting up traps, was he? Regardless, you should still go and see what this guy wants. He could be just really bad at making promotional material!_ ______________________________________ Hello, friends! I know it is quite strange to see someone using their champion smurf to create a post, but that is because I will be involved in such a roleplay with them! Poppy and another un-mentioned character will be joining whom ever wishes to join in on this adventure. Now, before we even begin on explaining the way this roleplay will go,I have a few rules to set out: * For those that didn't read the rules: No Darkin level OC's. I know that's a bit over the top to just clamp down on OCs like that, but It's still something I'd rather avoid. Ridiculously powerful OC's that are basically going to do nothing but god-mod. * Try to post regularly. I don't mean to come of as rude, but, I'd like to mention that if you aren't able to post one reply within a 5 day time-span, don't bother trying to keep up with the thread. Things tend to get out of hand, if we have a bunch of active people, and a bunch of casual roleplayers who post once per week. Not trying to exclude such a group, but be prepared to stay committed. I'm not gonna kick you out, if you can't just like, permanently * I will allow all OCs, all champions RPers, and even AU stuff to join in. (Say, if you wanna specifically come along as Star Guardian Lux rather than Regular Lux, I'll allow that!) * I'll only be taking a few RPers on for this thing, because, well... It's my first closed thread. Go easy on me, please! I'll decide on a precise number soon enough. Now, if we've got the rules out of the way, lets begin the explaining of the plot, and how I'm going to try and handle this. The Hatter, the one calling you to is capable of doing it across any plane of existence. He's pushed it so far, it's reached the far future, the far past, and the present all at once. These leaflets are for his little show, which he's going to pull the characters along. Each character can either arrive in a group, which will gather just outside the canyon he speaks of. Note that this RP is going to have combat. Lots of it will be fast, and without warning. Most enemies will be sturdy, easily able to take one hit from anything non-ultimate like. And, considering the person calling you here had the power to pull a full cross-universal message send... Yeah. There will be a large variety, and ultimately, a very confusingly large amount of variety. From demons, to cyborgs, to mutilated void creatures... you name it, you will face it somewhere. I will participate as both a scene-setter, obviously, as the world you're about to walk into is going to be written by me. I'll try to have my character seem in motion as much as possible, making it seem like you're actually talking to them. I won't sit back and just wait for all 3 other people to reply with their characters to make my own moves, hence the warning about being able to keep up and read along. Now, beyond all else, this roleplay is meant to be harmless fun for a few people. I'd love to make it open, but as before, open threads or having too many people tends to slow it down a lot. Remember, have said fun! Just be sure to post below this thread on whether or not you wish to join in such a roleplay. Poppy will be there, so that's a bonus... right? And, with that, I think it's everything. If I in fact need extra from the sheets and posts you provide... I'll ask! I'll post the bios/character sheets here once they're submitted. _______________________________________________________ If, you in fact have questions towards me: Contact me directly. Discord tag of #6225 is the fastest way to get my attention. At most, you'd have to wait 10 hours to get a reply if you message me as i hit the hay. Otherwise, feel free to ask in OOC here about anything you need to know. **There are 8 participants. Those who have submitted profiles will have it next to the character names, or as a link for said characters below:** Poppy. Braithe. [Braithe's Profile.]( Razor. [Razor's profile.]( Amelia. [Amelia's profile.]( Sealed Phantom. [His profile.](
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