The Grand Magistrix's Rest (Bar Hub Open RP)

A hole in the wall one-room building in southern Piltover was purchased one day, paid in a considerable amount of golden hexes, and an arcane crystal to boot. The owner was more than happy to let go of the location, transferring the ownership of the bar to the buyer almost immediately. At first, there were a few suspicions here and there, though they were put to rest by a simple show of paperwork and the owner being called on. Within hours, the small, empty room was transformed. Outside, a simple, wooden sign was bolted on top of the door with neat writing that inscribed ‘The Grand Magistrix’s Rest’ with a stylized mug drawing with bubbles spilling out. Underneath, an ornate gold and white embroidered door would stand, dotted with translucent blue crystals. Inside, the small room was expectedly small as it seemed. However, in direct comparison to the outside, the inside was utterly filled with wood, its walls, its ceiling, and its floor seemingly made of simple oak. The door would lead to a room with the wall immediately to the left, and three small, wooden tables to the right accompanied by a pair of chairs neatly lined against the wall. A little into the structure, there would be a counter, or to be more precise, a bar counter lined with many wooden stools with no backs to them. The bar counter itself too, was made of wood, though obviously painted with something to give it a nice, dark gloss. A nondescript wooden door would be on the right side of the back wall, leading to what could be presumed as a backroom. Mugs and glasses would adorn the top of the back wall as well. What would catch the eyes of anyone who would enter, however, would not be such mundane details. From the ceiling hung blue and teal crystals that lit the establishment, casting teal and white light respectively. On the side walls, shelves upon shelves of alcohol bottles were on display, with some of the alcohol gently glowing their respective color. On the back wall, staves would line from the start of the left side wall to the tip of the back door. Some were plain, one of which was simply made of wood with no runic writing. Some seemed to be nigh incapable of containing the overwhelming amount of mana, its entire hilt covered in glowing runic writing, tipped with different flavors of elements, arcane projections, and gems. Behind the counter sat a woman clothed in primarily white and red robes, covering them from the neck to their feet, though the cloth was both embroidered with golden outlines and blue crystals that adorned the shoulder piece and the neck which glowed gently. Their face was youthful, though the piercing blue eyes spoke otherwise. They seemed to have a small, but natural smile at all times, their lips curled up just a little. Peculiarly, her ears would be elongated and pointed. Infact, they were so tall that they would almost reach above her head. Their golden blonde hair would be neatly tied in a single ponytail braid. To the immediate right of the door, there would be a large tablet hung on the wall reading… >**RULES** > > Do not fight within these premises. First, it will be a verbal warning, then expulsion. If this becomes repeated behavior (more than once), you WILL be banned without a second thought. You are welcome to fight outside… though the police may not like that happening in their city’s streets. > > Do not, do NOT touch the decoration. Some will magically maim if touched by those who do not know the magical arts. > > Do not damage the bar. The Grand Magistrix’s Rest is filled with personal belongings, some of which are as expensive as they look. > > I’m just a single person. If you want to talk with others, be my guest, but if you wish to speak to me, I may be distracted. > > Flirting and light amounts of aggressive language is allowed, but do NOT go beyond those. Or you will be kicked out. If you do wish to go beyond such, leave the premises and continue elsewhere. On the tables and the bar counter, where the stools were, there would be sheets of hardened paper inscribed in ink, written: > **BAR MENU** > > You can order drinks by a specific order that’s off the menu or whatever taste you wish for, if you do not like the choices in the menu. Surely, there is something to fit your tastes. > > You can pay with golden hexes, or standard gold coins. One to one conversion. > > Graggy Ice - An original from the Freljords, this beer is a solid drink all around. 5G. > > Demacian Ale - A fruity, but hearty tasting ale originating from Demacia. 5G. > > Otherwordly Cider - Alcoholic apple cider created with apples of another world. Disclaimer: Tastes like normal alcoholic apple cider. 15G. > > Avarosan Mead - Honeyed mead to keep those who are cold and daunted warm. 8G. > > Ionian Sake - A diluted sake recipe. Has a very mild sweet aftertaste to it. 15G. > > Demacian Wine - Another Demacian recipe, the wine is a favorite among the richer clients for its low alcoholic content and good taste. 20G. > > Bilgewater Rum - Imported Bilgewater Rum. Not a derived recipe. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Zaunite Absinthe - Imported Zaunite Absinthe. Not a derived recipe. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Noxian Brandy - A Noxian originated recipe, the brandy is sure to send a sweet, but burning aftertaste. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Shuriman Tequila - Tequila made from desert ingredients, hardy and tough. This will get you drunk in no time. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Piltoverian Gin - Gin bought from the local breweries in the markets. Supporting the locale. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Winter Whiskey - Whiskey recipe of unknown origin, though it comes from a frozen land. Served by shot glass. 2G per shot glass. > > Tall Cup of Water - Ask for ice, cold, warm, or hot. Free for proportional amounts if alcohol was ordered. 1G. > > Hot Tea - Tea of different variety, served with small cookies. 2G. > > Sunburst - A sweet, intoxicating mix of orange schnapps and pineapple juice. 2G per shot. > > > **SPECIAL MENU** > > Golden Tear Cider - A version of the Otherworldly Cider. This particular recipe calls for a different type of apple tree of a different world that only drops its fruit every century. 1000G. > > Red Tear Tequila - Imbued with the soul fragment of a red drake, this brew is will burn both your throat, your innards, and your soul. 100G per shot glass. Not for the faint of heart. > > Storm of Vengeance - Deadly storm essence mixed with lime juice, vodka, and sparkling water on the rocks. 100G per shot glass. Not for the faint of heart. > > Grand Magistrix's Might - A light, yellow mixture of white rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice, imbued with high amounts of mana, divinity, and astral energy. May cause fever to those who cannot handle ingesting and absorbing large amounts of mana at a single given time. Unsuitable for the undead. 50000G. The bartender may refuse to serve this. > > > **ADDITIONAL SERVICES** > > Minor Magical Services - Small magical services. Varies on price. > > Miscellaneous Food Items to Accompany Alcohol - Various food items. Varies on price dependent on the food item at hand.
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