Ask Talon - The Blade's End _Noxian Mercy?_ There is no such thing. Or perhaps it is the act of ending the misery of those incapable of surviving. The strong live, the weak die, such is the Noxian way. Such were the ideals which led him out of the gutter, to embrace the life of loyalty and servitude under the teachings of Marcus du Couteau. Years he trained in the labyrinth beneath Noxus, rarely seeing the General's family. Under Marcus’ teachings Talon's inherent talent developed and eventually deserved the title as The Blade's Shadow. It honored him in ways unknown to those risen in the filth of the gutter. For the first time in his life, the street rat had found a purpose, a place to belong beyond the sewers and the damp alleys. But it could only last for so long. --- **NOTES** General Du Couteau is gone. Probably first “disappeared” and then killed. This fact significantly affects Katarina, Swain, and Talon. **It was confirmed Riot doesn’t have a spot/story for Talon yet, but they will work on it sooner or later. ** With the bits and pieces scattered around, I’ll go with the following **headcanons:** Talon works for the High Command - so most of his threads will be motivated by these missions. * The Black Rose are enemies until further notice. They are a threat that needs to be controlled. As long as they play within the “rules” of Swain’s game, they should -live-. * He believes Katarina failed her lineage. She doesn’t deserve the Du Couteau blood. * After Marcus’ death, he abandoned the estate but often passes by. He constantly keeps an eye on Katarina’s movements from the shadows. * He was taken in by General Du Couteau after Katarina’s failure. There were other protégés, but Talon surpassed them all. He feels nothing towards them. They are just other blades in Du Couteau’s arsenal. Talon went through a similar training to hers > “ She spent every waking moment honing herself into the ultimate weapon, testing her endurance, her dexterity, her tolerance for pain. She stole poisons from the city’s least reputable apothecaries, testing their efficacy in tiny increments upon herself, gradually building her resistance even as she cataloged their effects. She scaled the tallest towers in the dead of night, unseen by anyone. “ But with the advantage, he had already endured so much in the unforgiving streets of Noxus.His senses were naturally honed by the desperate need to survive. * Talon knows General Du Couteau never meant to kill Katarina, so he sent one of the scoundrels to assault her. As expected, she survived but a reminder of her failure would forever cross her left eye. * His relationship with Katarina has shifted from trust and companionship to a cold hostility, meaning he might attack her to test her abilities from time to time, when she less expects it. Yet, he will not kill her. On the contrary, if the situation demanded it, he would protect her to ensure she survives. Marcus Du Couteau was “ harsh teacher with many pupils, and notoriously difficult to impress.” But is still his daughter, even if disgraced. * His loyalties and motivations are a mystery. Will he always obey the order of the High Command? These HCs are only temporary. --- **OOC:** Greetings everyone! If you would like to interact with Talon, please post away. I do not request OCs to send me their sheets with their full information, I rather discover who they are, ICly. * Talon can be found in Noxus, alleys, gutter, outskirts of Noxus Prime, taverns, whichever suits you better * I also look forward visiting other threads. * For ask/letters, some other gutter rats work as informants to him even if he considers them a bother in his sight. * His "residence is unknown". Art by Elin @ List of [Abilities.](
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