Ask Riven *Rumors speak of a woman who wanders the wilds of Valoran, walking from place to place, and camping alone. Often times she is spotted walking through a small village, only to stay for a night at the inn, before going on her way the next morning. A large brown cloak often hides her identity, the hood pulled down to cover all but a few tufts of silvery-white hair, or a flicker of amber eyes. It is said she appears out of nowhere to stop random acts of theft or violence, but never stays to be rewarded, and rarely to be thanked. And though her identity is hidden, and the rumors vary, the one thing that is always constant is the weapon she carries. It is a broken blade that crackles with green energy, and bears a single Noxian rune. Some say it has the power to grow in size or change shape.* *Stories continue to surface of the woman defeating small Noxian patrols harassing passersby. The men and women reporting back that they were simply overpowered and outmatched by the woman with a broken blade. Though the rumors grow and spread, only those that remember a time before the Ionian War know the truth of what wanders the land, looking for something lost long ago. They remember the pride and joy of Noxus. They remember a warrior, a soldier and hero, loved by the people of Noxus, and honored with a Runeblade of great size and strength. They remember the stories of a death reported years ago, that shook the heart of Noxus. They remember a beloved poster child, a woman named Riven...* _________ **List of Important posts/FAQ's** **[First Thread](** **[Second Thread](** **Riven's Training** - [Part 1]( - [Part 2]( - [Part 3]( - [The Gauntlet]( [Riven's Physical Capabilities]( [Approximate Runeblade Weight and Dimensions]( ______ ((This is a continuation of the original "Ask Riven" thread, not a reboot. Everything is still canon as before. Yes, this is the same RPer, same Riven, new thread. Also, please remember that I like to run this as an "Ask" Column. Which means that I'd prefer to have letters being sent to Riven. If you'd like to have a face-to-face RP with Riven instead, **please ask me first** before you have your character barge in or simply assume I will want to RP face to face at that time. Thank you! ^ ^ Also, I should note that this is a **New Lore** thread.))
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