The Great Library of Shurima (Ask Nasus) Nasus looked upon the Great Library of Shurima. What was once the place every scholar would travel to to seek knowledge, was now but a crumbling ruin. Sliding his hand on the stonework of the entrance, he recounted when it was filled to the brim with scrolls and books from all over the Shuriman empire, as well as scholars going to and fro from bookshelf to bookshelf studying all the library had to offer. Now it was devoid of visitors, as well as the books that once filled the library either taken by robbers or archaeologists or just simply dissipating due to centuries of neglect. While he memorized all of the Library's books long before he exiled himself from Shurima after its fall and could recreate all of the books and scrolls if need be, he still felt saddened seeing all of the knowledge of ancient Shurima that once graced the library now gone. "Just as Shurima has risen again, so too shall this library, in due time." Nasus said to himself, he would then reach into his satchel and remove from it a book titled, 'The History of Ancient Shurima', walked over to a shelf, dusted the shelf off and placed the book on it, beginning the revival of the Great Library. --- ((Hello everyone and Welcome to the Ask Nasus RP thread. This is my first time RP'ing a champion so I apologize in advance if I do something off context as to what needs to be done as a champion RP'er, with that out of the way let us get started. While I will mainly be going by non-institute lore you are free to come as a summoner or anything of the like just let me know you are doing so beforehand, you can find Nasus in the ruins of The Grand Library or while he is traveling Valoran to find more books to put in the Library which is also a way to keep his brother Renekton off his trail, if going by the latter you may set up the scene. With that all I have left to say is have fun!)) --- **Library Entries** New Age entries: -The Fall of Shurima -Bestiary of Valoran -Freljord Legends -Rocks and Minerals of Valoran -The History and Culture of Ionia -Dragons Dream, by Azatok The Ancient -The History of Noxus -The Principles of Strength -Teachings of the Grand-Master, Author Unkown -Lessons of Peace, Author Illgrund the Scholar -The Way of War, By The Immortal Bastion -Theories on Magic and Runes, Author Unkown -Writings of Kalista -Tales of the Old Gods by Drogon -History of the Blessed Isles -The Way of Demacia By Garen Crownguard Recreations: -Setaka, the Warrior Queen of the Ascended -The Cycle of Life and Death, by Burhan Tawfiq Forbidden Entries, Keep Out!: -Dangerous Rituals and Summonings
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